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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 9, 2018

— one word pronounced five different ways

A photographer that follows famous people all
the time in order to take pictures is called
the paparazzi. And this word is pronounced
five different ways. It does not make things
easier for captioners that key in that word,
and misspell it five different ways. A
picture is at:


— Quebec Human Rights Commission decides against deaf

A deaf woman requested an interpreter during the
past Montreal Jazz Fest. Her request was turned
down and she filed a complaint with the Quebec
Human Rights Commission. The commission
recommendation was:

The Montreal International Jazz Festival should not
face repercussions for refusing to provide a sign-language
interpreter for a deaf concert-goer last year

Very disappointing for a city that is competing
with Toronto to become the cultural center of Canada.


— deaf don’t trust a hospital

A deaf man fell down the steps at a deaf club.
He needed medical attention. Yet he refused
to go to a nearby hospital, instead going to
his hearing daughter’s house so that she
could get quicker response from the hospital
people with this emergency. This is a case
of deaf people not trusting hospitals but
trusting family members!



Deaf jobs – latest update

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