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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 10, 2018

— confusion: functionally hearing and functionally deaf

A newspaper story about a deaf person said he
was functionally deaf. Seems functionally hearing
can be confusing. Both types indicate hearing losses
– just that one mingles with hearing (functionally
hearing) and one mingles with the deaf (functionally
deaf). A picture is at:


— hearing TV reporter and deaf photographer

There was a story of Adair “A.J.” Bayatpour, not
deaf, a Milwaukee TV reporter, arrested
for getting into a fight with another reporter
during the Brewers-Cubs baseball game last
night. Do we have deaf members of the media
getting into fights while at work? No.
Michael Pimentel, who is deaf, is one of
the leading sports photographers in the
San Francisco Bay area. Photographers
race each other for better picture-taking
locations. Fights? Pimentel said there are
a lot of pushing around but never fights.
Deaf behave better than hearing!


— ADA “weak or joke” in Europe

A deaf activist pointed out that the European
Union basically ignores the needs of
the deaf. Doing the counting of nations,
the activist said that United Kingdom
plus 19 other European nations have not
obeyed the instructions from the
European Parliament to give rights
and needs of the deaf!



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