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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 11, 2018

— thought it was late April Fools joke

Reuben Litherland, who is deaf, just received
an invitation to attend the wedding of Prince
Harry and Meghan Markle. He thought it was
a late April Fools joke played on him by a
friend. It wasn’t and Reuben is still shocked.
He is only 14 years old – but was recognized
for always pushing for captions in movie houses
in Great Britain. A picture is at:


— fake-hearing voice for the deaf

Some people, looking for jobs, need to be
interviewed by telephone. A jobs seeking
consultant hinted that a deaf person
could use a special voice app to hide
these “deaf accents” during these
telephone interviews. Will it work for
the deaf? Do not know.


— advocate said Gallaudet helped ADA

An advocate wrote an article, saying that
Gallaudet’s famous Deaf President Now
protest actually helped create the ADA.
The disabled saw for themselves how
powerful the Gallaudet protest was,
and that they decided to push for
ADA. If this is true, then this is
a big irony. The deaf leaders had
little or no voice in planning the
strategies to get ADA passed as a law!



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— surprise board member

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