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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 25, 2018


— deaf person learns his own culture

Clarence Barber, a deaf man from Dawson City, Yukon (Canada),
is a member of a native tribe (Tr’ondek Hwech’in First Nation).
He, however, grew up knowing nothing about his own culture
because no one was able to communicate with him. Finally
getting an interpreter, he went to a tribe cultural event
and learned all he could about his own culture. He said:

I had no idea about my culture, I had no idea about Native
things; they were so happy to be able to chat with me

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— deaf invention wins prize at Johns Hopkins University

The Social Innovation Lab is part of the huge Johns
Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD) medical complex,
one of the biggest in the world. This lab encourages
inventions and innovations that will help improve
medical matters and issues. One such invention
is the see-through surgical mask. It won a
$25,000 grant from the lab.


— Amazon software engineer is deaf-blind

Michael Forzano is deaf-blind. It did not stop him
from getting a job with Amazon as software
engineer. When applying for that job, he
never told Amazon that he was deaf-blind.
He told Amazon that he has to use his own
laptop to show them the code he was able
to write, instead of using the whiteboard.
Just almost immediately he was hired.
He functions as a hearing person, not knowing
sign language and so, no need for a
deaf-blind interpreter.



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