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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 26, 2018

— senseless anger towards deaf people

A deaf clerk in a supermarket was assaulted
by an angry hearing person, who was asking
for assistance, thinking the request was
ignored. This is not the first time. Deaf
people have been assaulted for using ASL,
thinking gesturing was disrespectful.
Police officers have confronted deaf
people for this reason. Years ago in DC,
an angry George Washington University
student, selling donuts to raise funds,
yelled at DeafDigest editor who was walking
by. The student, thinking he was being ignored,
ran after the editor. Fortunately, the fellow
students restrained him! A picture is at:


— a deaf girl shocking hearing security people

Sara Kovaliov, a 16-year old deaf Israeli girl, won the
silver medal at the Jiu Jitsu Under-18 World Championship.
At the airport in Abu Dhabi, a security guard asked
her to follow him to a room. She was worried that
it was a national security issue. She was wrong.
The security people were shocked that a deaf girl
would win a world championship silver medal against
hearing competitors. They gave her an expensive
watch as a gift!


— considered as trouble-maker parents

Hearing parents that seek additional mainstreamed
classroom support for their deaf children are
considered as trouble-makers! This was the
opinion of some weary teachers and school



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