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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 3, 2018


— British deaf and Polish deaf marriage-partnership

Piers (a deaf British man) and his wife Magdalena
(a deaf Polish woman) own a Bed and Breakfast inn
called Summerhouse Bed and Breakfast. It is in
Pensford, Somerset in Great Britain. They communicate
with their deaf guests via combination of British,
Polish and international sign languages. For the
hearing guests, they use gestures, notes and
picture charts. Works very well either way. A
picture is at:


— can get captions on two weeks notice, ugh!

A Minnesota federal judge ordered The Fabulous
Fox Theatre in St. Louis, Missouri to provide
either open or closed captions – as long as the
request is with two weeks notice. Ugh! Yes,
because deaf people may want to watch a movie
at the last minute – and they are out of luck.
Also, the judge may not realize deaf people hate
captioning devices (for closed captions).


— deaf performers in a forgotten skill

Mime (or pantomine) is a skill that is being seen less
and less nowadays. It was written up in a web posting.
This is sad. Before Bernard Bragg became a widely
acclaimed deaf actor, he was the #1 mime in the
San Francisco Bay area, with his own TV show.
Also there was another great deaf mime – Miko.
And the World Mime Organisation has recognized
the strong roles of the deaf in that field.



Deaf jobs – latest update

Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— McCay Vernon, remembering him

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