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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 4, 2018


— a comment by a federal judge

In an interview, Judge Ronald M. Gould, not deaf and
serving the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit,

To deny a deaf person an ASL interpreter, when ASL is their
primary language, is same as denying a Spanish interpreter
to a person who speaks Spanish as their primary language.

The judge is correct. A picture is at:


— retail store employee policy

A retail store has a policy. Everytime a deaf
person is hired to work on the floor and to help
hearing customers, a hearing team member must
work together, and go where the deaf person goes!
If there are communication problems, then the
hearing person joins in to help out. If no
problems, the hearing person stays away.



— big reason for taking ASL classes

High school kids are kids. In some high schools
ASL classes are popular with them – for one
big reason. To become teachers of the deaf, no.
To become ASL interpreters, no. Because a family
member is deaf, no. The big reason is that
they want to communicate in hidden codes that
no one else would understand, especially in the
crowded high school hallways! Silly? Yes, but
teenagers are teenagers, always worried about
peer pressure!



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