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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 7, 2018

— Deaf Market or Hearing Market

There was a “Deaf Shark Tank” event in
Washington, DC, sponsored by Gallaudet,
that was open to all deaf entrepreneurs.
Eight such deaf entrepreneurs came up
with their start-up ideas, hoping to
win the top prize. How many ideas were
aimed at the Deaf Market and also how
many were for the Hearing Market?
Six such proposals were for the Deaf
whereas two other proposals were for
the Hearing. The winner was for the
Deaf Market – see-through surgical mask.

A picture is at:


— certified interpreters or student interpreters

An angry interpreting advocate spoke out –
saying interpreting agencies do not
care about quality; deaf people are cheated
when student (inexperienced) interpreters
show up at highly important events! Is
it true? Unfortunately for DeafDigest
editor, yes, as he had some important
meetings that were messed up by
student interpreters that could not
understand ASL.


— a successful deaf event

Deaf people are sad that deaf clubs are
closing up. Yet, one woman started a
deaf club that meets once a month. It
started with 20 people and has grown
to nearly 100 people. It is unusual
because it was a hearing woman that
started a deaf club for one reason –
so that she can learn sign language
by socializing with deaf members.
And it is not taking place at a
deaf club headquarters but at a
hearing pub – in Great Britain!



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