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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 8, 2018

— a possible scary situation with the cops

There was a big story of a hearing man buying
candy at a convenience store, and was almost
arrested by a police officer. The officer,
wearing plain clothes, thought it was a
theft of candy. It is scary if it happened
to a deaf person! What if the police officer
screamed behind a deaf person’s back, thinking
he stole the candy? Just too scary. A picture
is at:


— cannot read or write

The World Health Organization, which is part of
the United Nations, said that almost 80 percent
of the deaf all over the world, cannot read or
write. True or false? Don’t know as DeafDigest
editor is always wary of statistics that look
too bad to be true!


— mocking the deafness of a famous person

There was a story today about Comedy Central
people mocking Marlee Matlin’s deafness.
Two examples:

Seth McFarlane crudely imitating a deaf person with
deaf actress Marlee Matlin (watching him)


Everyone mocked Matlin’s deafness

DeafDigest is not laughing. It is not funny.



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Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— Bell vs Edison

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