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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 10, 2018


— deaf employees banned from using ASL at work?

Albertsons, a supermarket chain, is being sued for requiring
Spanish-speaking employees to speak English on the job.
What if Albertsons had many deaf employees at one supermarket
location and tried to ban ASL from being spoken on the premises?
A picture is at:


— prisoners interpreting for prisoners

In Louisiana, hearing prisoners could apply
to enroll in an intepreting program to
become interpreters for their fellow
prisoners that are deaf. Good or bad?
Intepreters are supposed to follow code
of ethics and maintain professionalism
while interpreting. Would these hearing
prisoners (lifers or long term) be
bound, with conscience to these rules
and ethics? Escape from prison is often
#1 on their thoughts.


— top hearing chef tries to help deaf chefs

Hearing chef Adam Perry Lang is famous for one
big reason – he switched from French style
restaurants to BBQ restaurants! Anyway, as
a young man he saw a deaf man working in
a kitchen of a restaurant in France. Never
forgotting the deaf, he has made it his goal
to hire and train deaf chefs for his restaurant
in Los Angeles. If you are deaf and love
working in the kitchen do look up Adam Perry
Lang at his APL Restaurant in Los Angeles.



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