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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 11, 2018


— baseball traitor helps deaf-owned business

Albert Pujols is one of the best baseball players
right now. For a long time he played for St Louis
Cardinals, but left to join the Los Angeles Angels.
Many fans in St Louis still call him the traitor.
Yet he took time to help endorse a deaf owned
novelties business in the St Louis area. We do
not find famous athletes doing that for small,
deaf owned businesses, but Pujols did.


— red tape discrimination with deaf truck driving students

A deaf man from Alabama who just graduated from a truck
driving program said he had to wait six months to
get medical clearance waiver because of deafness
and also to get learners’ permit to attend classes.
A hearing truck driving student shows up for school
and gets admitted within maybe just a few days.
For that deaf student from Alabama – six months
wait. Discrimination, yes even though federal
government allows deaf truck drivers!


— a newspaper story about a $22-an-hour job

The USA Today ran a story that headlined:

He went from jail to a $22-an-hour job

While it is not easy for ex-prisoners (hearing)
to get these $22.00 per hour jobs, it is just
almost impossible for deaf ex-prisoners to get
these same high paying jobs. There are many,
unfortunately, deaf prisoners. Once they are
released, their job prospects are not bright.
But for a few selected hearing prisoners, their
job prospects are bright. Prison discrimination?
Yes, unfortunately for deaf prisoners.


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