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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 14, 2018


— deaf role in a different kind of Shakespearian play

Nadia Nadarajah is deaf and she was shocked when the director
of Hamlet, a Shakepearian play, offered her a role in that
play. She accepted. This play is different – because all
of the actors are female. The director wanted the play
to be different while at the same time, showing the
audience that it didn’t matter if the actors were
male or female! A picture is at:



— deaf-owned greenhouse in Ohio

In Bowling Green, Ohio, one of the biggest greenhouses is
Klotz Floral Design & Garden. This business opened up in
1918 by a deaf husband-deaf wife team. Several generations
later, this business continues as the biggest greenhouse
in the city. Customers that enter the greenhouse would have
no clue that the founders were deaf.


— lake police screaming at all boaters

Lone Star Law is a TV program about Texas
wildlife law enforcement officers, trying
to enforce laws of nature in the state.
One segment showed a drowning of a recreational
boater. The officers arrived at the lake,
and screamed for all boaters to move out
and to stay clear – so that they can do the
investigation. What if the boaters were
deaf and unaware of the commotion going on?
Could be pretty much scary.



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