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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 15, 2018

— AI claim, true or not true

A Microsoft spokesperson said that with AI,
closed caption accuracy is promised even if
it has to caption a scene where two hearing
people are screaming at each other. True
or not true? DeafDigest is skeptical. A
picture is at:


— police decision: deaf woman arguing with hearing woman

At a gas station in Chicago, a deaf woman got into an
argument with a hearing woman. Police came over.
The police officer was not able to communicate with
the deaf woman, but listened to what the hearing woman
said (that the deaf woman pushed her during the
argument). For reasons of not being able to
communicate, the police officer did not arrest the
deaf woman. But later on, after reviewing the incident
the hearing woman was arrested for battery! It is
not known why the police officer never got an
interpreter – but at any rate, it was determined
the hearing woman was not telling the truth.


— innocently getting into trouble during airflight

A deaf person that behaves perfectly as an airline
passenger still can get into trouble and risk getting
kicked out! The flight attendant has a list of
passengers that need special attention – ie a
deaf passenger. But if the deaf person, for some
reason, is not on the list, then the flight
attendant may have no way of knowing about it.
And if the deaf passenger “ignores” flight
attendant’s questions, then the risk is getting
kicked off the plane! This is not a joke. It
happened to one deaf passenger!



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