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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 23, 2018


— reasons why babies cry

When a baby cries, there is a reason – wet diapers,
hunger, seeking attention, etc. Hearing parents
may be able to figure out these cries. Deaf
parents may find this task difficult. There
is a new app which tells the deaf parents
why their babies are crying. A picture of
this app is at:

Now, what about an app that tells dog lovers that
cannot hear or understand why their dogs cry!


— a scary police non-incident

Yesterday DeafDigest editor was walking in
downtown Washington, DC. All of a sudden
someone on a bicycle had to change directions
to avoid knocking down the DeafDigest editor.
It was a police officer. He was probably
screaming and yelling to “get out of the way”
but got no response. No one wants incidents
(or accidents) with police officers.


— blueblood in deaf family

Dummy Hoy started a blueblood family. He
was a famous major league player that
advocates nowadays push for his hall
of fame induction. One hearing son
became a judge; another hearing son
became a state legislator. His
nephew was the leading baker of
breads in Los Angeles. Hoy himself
never went to Gallaudet but has
baseball/softball fields named after
him. Before he became a baseball pro,
he owned a shoe repair business
in Ohio.


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— three ADA words attorneys go to war over!

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