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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 4, 2019

— agencies say they don’t discriminate, but they do

No government agency would admit they discriminate
even when they do. A deaf person resigned from his
job with a government agency. The agency director
jumped high with joy. Reason – saving the agency
money in interpreting costs. Discrimination?


— always scary

A deaf man was seated in a railroad seat.
A hearing person stood up and shouted abusive
comments, unaware that the person in front of him
was deaf. By luck, the deaf person turned around
and saw him ready to get into a fight. The
deaf person easily overwhelmed the abusive
person. Police came and the abusive person
was arrested. Scary? Yes, as it could happen
to any of us. In other words, try to always
watch your back.


— discrimination lawsuits said to be useless

Discrimination lawsuits useless? Deaf people win,
but does it change things. No, discrimination
continues. This is what an advocate said.



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