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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 5, 2019

— trained by the best, but no job offers

There was a story of a deaf person wanting
to become a chef. The deaf agency sent him
to several top restaurants in the city
to be trained each day by these hearing
chefs. The story said these chefs worked
hard to teach the deaf chef these kitchen
tricks of the trade. Job offers – none
so far! Why? Are these chefs saying
“let other restaurants hire him, not me?”
These restaurants are in Karachi, Pakistan.


— deaf person is now top boss of a professional basketball team

Tamika Catchings, who is deaf but functions as a hearing
person, was promoted to a new position – as the vice president
of basketball operations of the Indiana Fever professional
women’s basketball team (WNBA). She retired few years ago
after a successful playing career with the same team.
Not sure exactly what her duties are but DeafDigest
feels she runs the show – has the final say on all
baskeball decisions (hiring, firing, drafting, signing
contracts, trading, etc). She probably does not know or
uses ASL.


— a failed Deaf Caucus

A story five years ago caught DeafDigest editor’s
attention. Past Congressman Kevin Yoder wanted to
form a Deaf Caucus on the Hill. His efforts did not
succeed. Possibly it is because he was not
re-elected from his district in Kansas.



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