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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 8, 2019

— Upcoming book of poetry “Deaf Republic”

Deaf author Ilya Kaminsky has written a book
on a series of poems about a fictional deaf town
“Vasenka.” Those that have read “Islay” by
Doug Bullard years back, may enjoy this book.


— unexpected problem with employer that hires the deaf

There is a big problem with an employer that hires the
deaf. He can only hire just a few deaf applicants, but
is overwhelmed with too, too many deaf applicants.
They get angry when they apply and don’t get the job
and accuse the employer of discriminating against the deaf!



— duties of an audiologist

What does an audiologist do? He diagnoses hearing
issues and problems and tries to fix them. Well,
a newspaper story said:

a doctor that develops hearing aid technology

Hearing aid technology as in developing better
hearing aids!

DeafDigest does not know what to make of these
two completely different job descriptions for
the same job – audiologist.



Deaf jobs – latest update

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