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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 8, 2019


— what to do if no money in budget for interpreters

We have ADA but many groups, associations and
organizations just have no money in their budgets
for interpreters. What to do? Two choices –
bring your own interpreter. Yes, it costs money.
Second choice is to use Video Remote Interpreting.
Unfortunately it also costs money and FCC does not
cover it, only covers video relay services, two
separate and different things. A deaf person
said two choices work for him.


— three in; 19,351 to go

So far Ann Arbor (Michigan), Portland (Oregon)
and Seattle have laws that require TV in public
places to be captioned at all times. That means
19,351 cities and towns to go. The U.S. Census
bureau said we have 19,354 “incorporated places”
in USA. Long way to go? Hope not. Goal is these
big cities – New York, Chicago, Los Angeles,
as well as Austin, Rochester and Washington, DC
(these three great cities with large deaf


— a blessing for a late-deafened person

A late-deafened person said deafness is a
blessing. That person said:

I found out there’s a whole new language and
a culture that I didn’t even know about. There
are so many people that I wouldn’t have met,
so many things I wouldn’t have experienced
had I not learned about deafness.

That person is correct.



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