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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 13, 2019

— deaf-owned business or hearing-owned business

A deaf businessman made this comment that hearing
customers would pick a hearing-owned business
over the deaf-owned business. Correct? Not
always that so. Roberto Wirth, who is deaf,
owns Hotel Hassler (Rome, Italy) considered to
be one of world’s best hotels. The late Al Van
Nevel was a career executive in the insurance industry,
selling many policies because he knew more about
how insurance works as compared to his competitors.
A deaf man, doing home repairs, had his hearing
sons handle all of his customers’ phone calls.


— a twist, bad one, with a museum interpreted tour

The New Museum (New York City) made this announcement
that one of their tours will be ASL-interpreted.
The first twist is that first priority in joining the
tour are deaf museum-goers. The bad twist is that
ASL students cannot join the tour. A bad twist?
Yes, but the museum excuse is limited capacity.
What if the ASL student is deaf and is desperate
to learn ASL? He just stays home.


— Coda’s unusual challenge

Kamila Carter, a 13-year old girl, is an
unusual Coda. Her mother is a deaf Mexican.
Her father is a deaf American. Her
grandmother, hearing, speaks English.
To communicate with all three of them,
she had to use Mexican Sign Language,
ASL and spoken English. And her goal is
to help the deaf in China, which led her
to learn a 4th language – Mandarin.
She just gave a speech at the annual
National Chinese Language Conference,
detailing her communication experiences
with her parents.



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