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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 16, 2019


— fast voice vs slow texts

In Galveston County (Texas), stopwatch tests were
taken on voices and texts at 911 centers. It said

voice – few seconds
texts – 3 minutes; sometimes 15 minutes; sometimes 30 minutes

Not best news for us, but hope future technology will
make text times equal or better than voice times!


— FCC’s captioning rules

FCC had a forum to get feedback from the deaf public.
The feedback was this:

captions must be perfect

captions must be shown at the same time voice was heard

captions must be shown froms start of program to end of program
(this means dull and boring commercials)

captions must not block other TV graphics

Perfect captions? Deaf people have been complaining for
almost 40 years. Same complaints every year with
promises, promises and promises! And captioning companies
still give us same old excuses.


— the deaf in military

Should the deaf serve in the military? The
Communication Service for the Deaf (Austin, TX)
thinks so. This agency plans to support
legislation to allow this to happen. Good or
bad? Does one have to hear to serve or does
one have to see to serve? Some nations allow
the deaf to serve, but USA doesn’t.


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