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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 17, 2019

— Never say “so, you’re deaf”

A warning for interviewers. Never say
“so, you’re deaf” with a deaf applicant.
It cost his company money when the deaf
applicant filed a lawsuit on basis of
discrimination! That deaf applicant,
by the way, had years of experience in the
job he was applying for.


— A deaf “fireman” on TV sitcom

A deaf “fireman” appeared on the Station 19
sitcom on TV. It was Nyle DiMarco. The
reviews said the TV audience was pretty
much hooked into the program.


— A deaf service agency in trouble

Deaf Service agency in Tennessee is in trouble.
An audit said:

stolen money, forged checks and fake
financial documents

The agency said it is not what is happening!
Do stay tuned as truth will sort things out.



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