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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 27, 2019

— first drive-in movie theater with open captions

Just a holiday trivia. Which drive-in movie theater
was the first in USA to show open captions on a
regular basis (not on a limited basis)? It was the
Midway Drive-In Theatre in Minetto, NY. It is
a small town of just 2,000 people located in
upper Central New York state.


— deaf employer hires the deaf and the disabled

Justin Patt, deaf owner of Bakoboy Enterprises
in Bakersfield, CA, was interviewed on a local
TV news. His company does construction and
landscaping and his employees are all deaf
or disabled. He has been in business for almost
ten years. Over the years we have had a few
deaf contractors and landscapers that hire
the deaf.


— deaf man’s only reason for a hearing aid

A deaf man who has a motorcycle only wears
his hearing aid for one reason – to hear
the honking horns of drivers behind him on
city streets! When not riding the motorcycle
he immediately takes off his hearing aid.



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