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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 28, 2019

— deaf man trapped in Missouri tornado

A tornado went off in Jefferson City, Missouri
last week. A deaf man, who lived alone, had no
warning that the tornado was hitting his town,
especially his apartment. There were no
electronic storm warning flashers telling him
what was going on. Already a Gofundme page
has been set up to raise funds to purchase
emergency flashers for his apartment.


— EMT communications

We have some deaf people that wanted to serve
as EMT but were turned away because of
their deafness. One deaf EMT person said
that communications with the hearing EMT
people is nonverbal – meaning gestures,
little ASL, body language movements and
shoulder taps. That simple? Yes!


— the senior bank manager with a major bank

Sanjeev Arora, who is deaf, is a senior
bank manager with the Bank of India.
This is amazing inasmuch as many hearing
people in India habitually describe every deaf
person as deaf-mutes. A breakthrough one at time.



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