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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 29, 2019

— never asking deaf how to make it deaf-friendly

A hearing man who uses the wheelchair, likes to
have a good time with his friends at a bar/
restaurant in Calgary. He was frustrated because
the bar was not wheelchair-friendly. Luckily
for him, the bar owner sat down with him and
asked him for advice and tips to make the
facility completely wheelchair friendly. The
owner made changes (he didn’t have to because
Canada does not follow our ADA regulations)
and the wheelchair person is happy. What about
the deaf? The chances are 99.9 percent that
the bar owner will NEVER ask the deaf patrons
how to make the facility deaf-friendly!


— adding captions to the videos
A comment by a video operator who wanted
to add captions:
Captions are hard and expensive to add
manually. This is the reason why much
video contents lack captions. Trying to
add captions is a nightmare.
This comment is correct, unfortunately for
all of us! DeafDigest editor personally asked
several deaf video operators about adding
captions. They all said one word – difficult.


— how to alert deaf to storms

Outdoor warning sirens – not good for deaf

Listening to radio – deaf can’t hear

Special NOAA radio – not every deaf person has it

Looking at weather apps – what if deaf don’t have it

TV news – what if TV station does not show streaming captions

on-line news – what if deaf person does not use computer

What is the best way? No best way; whatever works for the
deaf will work for them! TV is best only if electricity is
not shut down and if the TV station shows captions!



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