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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 1, 2019

— a relay trend

In the past the relay trend was use of TTY machines to
communicate with relay operators. Times have changed.
More hard of hearing people use CapTel to communicate
with the relay services.


— A small California city misses a deaf person

Monrovia, California is a small city of some 36,000
residents. People watching TV programs do not realize
that shows, movies and commercials are taken in that
city. Anyway Charlotte Schamadan, a deaf woman, who
just departed us, has been one of the major reasons
for the success of that city. For nearly 40 years
she helped with the city election campaigns,
the city cultural committee, brought money to
fund a new city library and to fix up the
city high school, plus serving as presidents of
several civic organizations. Did she help the
deaf? The obit said nothing about the deaf, except
that she was deaf herself.


— a shocker in the 1950’s

The principal of a school for the deaf, during the 1950’s
pushed the students’ parents to have their deaf children
go through operations so that they cannot have children
if they marry. It took place in Japan and it has become
a national embarrassment.



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