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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 2, 2019

— president’s wife uses sign language to give speech

The wife of new Brazil president Jair Bolsonaro gave her
speech in sign language. It lasted for about
five minutes. Let’s hoping that the wife’s influence
with the husband would lead to much better services
for the deaf of Brazil.


— a fear among police officers

There may be some deaf people legally licensed to own firearms.
State laws vary regarding firearms, but anyway what if a
police officer confronts a deaf person that is in possession
of legal firearms? Scary!


— opposing attorney ignores defendant’s deafness

It took place in California according to a posting.
A deaf defendant tried to tell the opposing attorney
of his deafness. It only made the opposing attorney
shout louder during cross examination! It is hard
to believe because the courts are supposed to
accommodate all types of hearing losses (interpreters
and/or CART).



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