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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 3, 2019

— reasons deaf do not watch open captioned movies

Moviehouse owners are often disappointed that their
once-a-week open captioned movies result in low
attendance by deaf people. What these owners do
not realize is that deaf people have jobs that
conflict with open captioning dates. And also
many see no point in driving 40-50 miles
from their homes to watch an open captioned


— A TV news network afraid of Deaf Crab theory

Deaf Crab theory is same as crabs attacking each
other in the water tank. When a deaf group attacks
another deaf group, it is the Deaf Crab theory.
Anyway, Sky News, a British TV news netwirk tried
an experiment with BSL signed news and had to
drop it after receiving thousands of complaints
from the deaf that don’t use sign language!


— deaf man arrested for gesturing

A deaf man was arrested for gesturing his deafness
by pointing to his ear. The police arrested
him, thinking his gesture was a sign of disrespect.
The police department was not too happy about the
arrest and publicly scolded these arresting officers.
It did not happen in USA, but in India!



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