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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 4, 2019

— hearing mocks the deaf and was fired

An ugly incident took place at Taco Bell in
Kettering, Ohio. A deaf man drove up to the
window, handing the employee a written note
of his order. The employee refused to accept
the order, mocked the deaf driver and telephoned
the police on 911. The hearing employee was
immediately fired, but the damage was done
as the incident was taped on video and became
viral. The Taco Bell management is now asking for
sensitivity training sessions of its employees.


— Texas proposes a bill to improve the deafness wording

Rep. Mary González D-El Paso (Texas) has introduced
a bill to eliminate the wordings – hearing impaired,
audiologically impaired, etc and to replace these with
persons who are deaf or persons who are hard of hearing.
Won’t be surprised if this bill creates a furor in the
legislative body!


— pay for ASL course or get free ASL lessons

An adult deaf person wishes to learn ASL.
He is faced with two choices – pay to learn
ASL at a classroom or to get “free” ASL lessons
by going to a deaf social event as often as
possible to mingle with the deaf and hopefully
pick up their signs. Which choice is best?



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