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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 7, 2019

— a Silent Taxi for deaf drivers

Hyundai is coming up with “Silent Taxi” which
is supposed to help the deaf drivers know what
sounds are out there – police cars, fire trucks,
and ambulances. Would it help the deaf driver
if there is a sound inside the car, such as a
crying baby or a crying dog?


— QR Reader app used in a gym

QR Reader is an app that is supposed to help the deaf know
where they stand with their goals while going through
fitness drills in a gym. A gym owner in Little Rock,
Arkansas is using QR Reader as an easier way to
communicate with the deaf with their fitness goals.


— difference between Amazon USA and Amazon UK

“Bad Reputation” was a popular rock music shown
in USA (and in Great Britain) during the early
eighties. Joan Jett, not deaf, is an American who
spent her best musical years in Great Britain,
and she was a big part of Bad Reputation. There
are many deaf people that follow music. What
about captioned or subtitled music. The review

Unfortunately there are no subtitles available

That DVD is being marketed by Amazon UK. Is it
saying that Amazon UK does not have to caption
but Amazon USA must caption?



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