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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 8, 2019


— still deaf but function as hearing OR ex-deaf

Robert Peters was appointed by the Democrats to
finish the term of Attorney General-elect Kwame Raoul
in the Illinois Senate. Peters was born deaf, but
said that thanks to an operation at age of 8 he is
no longer deaf. The story did not elaborate any further.
If it was a CI, then he is still deaf when taking
off the CI. Or was it a non-CI operation that
completely restored his hearing?


— Chinese artificial intelligence app

Last year Chinese artificial intelligence
people came up with an app to help with
lip reading for the deaf. But there is
fear right now that this app would
be used to lip read every body for
their own spying purposes.


— Bumble on Super Bowl Day

Deaf dog Bumble, a Lab-chow chow mix, will
take part on the Super Bowl Day in the
Puppy Bowl 2019 contest. If you wish to
adopt that dog, it is too late, just
about all and every dogs have already
been taken to forever homes – before –
the program is aired!



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