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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 9, 2019


— big insult posted on a tweet

Posted on a tweet today:

If someone calls a deaf person for help then the deaf person
would be helpless


Does DeafDigest editor like tweets? No.



— no flasher; not ADA violation

A law case took place in Virginia. A deaf man,
applying for a job as a shipyard pipefitter
was not hired. The employer said ability to
hear alarms is a job requirement. The court
sided with the employer. What is wrong with
the use of flashing devices in high-noise
work environment?



— “wrong, wrong signs” says Nyle DiMarco

Cassie, a speech pathologist, who was a contestant
on “The Bachelor” TV premiere, tried to teach
Colton Underwood some signs. She signed
you’re cute, rose, kiss. “Wrong, Wrong” said
Nyle, saying her use of signs was incorrect!
Use of wrong signs on national TV could be
quite embarrassing.



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