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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 10, 2019

— these troubling Dunkin’ Donut incident versions

The bad incident at Dunkin’ Donuts should never have
happened. Did the hearing person at the drive in window
panic and “lock up” upon dealing with a deaf driver and
then going into panic mode? Did the deaf driver appear to
show provocation, rather subtly, goading the hearing
person into bad behavior? Or was it the case of two
wrongs not making a right? DeafDigest editor, over
the years, has dealt with many ugly incidents
(restaurants, pharmacies, supermarkets, etc) but
these never escalated into a 911 police situation.


— difficulty in finding jobs

There was a story of a deaf woman spending five
hours a day looking for jobs and having dealt with
1,000 rejections. Jobs are often not that easy
to find – but there may be some creative ways.
Examples are moving to another town where jobs
are easier to find; personal network where word
of job vacancies get around; making personal
contacts with some important people at conferences
and events; applying for these hard-to-fill jobs,
etc. DeafDigest just hopes that deaf woman would
eventually find a job.


— a strange fear during hearing tests

There are some people that have these hearing
test fears – that the audiologist would insert
a needle into the ear or that they would be
required to take off their clothes! A joke?
Well, this is what DeafDigest editor read in
a surprising post.



Deaf jobs – latest update

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