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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 11, 2019


— a wheelchair basketball player that is deaf

from an email that came up today:

Hi Barry,

I have something that I thought you might be interested for your Deaf
Digest Sports website.

My son Kerwin Haake is a sophomore at Kentucky School for the Deaf
and plays for the Cincinnati Dragons wheelchair basketball team.▒
Their team is currently ranked #10 in the nation and is their leading
scorer averaging around 15 points/game. There are about 10-12
colleges in America that have college wheelchair basketball teams and
Kerwin is hoping to play for one of those colleges when he graduates.

I’m including a link to our team’s Facebook page (Kerwin is the
player wearing jersey #1) that has some pictures/video and another
link showing the national rankings. If you’re interested and need
more info, please let me know.

Mike Haake



— be careful if using iPhone to access banking accounts

A deaf woman used her iPhone to access her banking
accounts. Not only her money was wiped out by scammers
but the bank refused to help her. In other words, it
was bank’s hands off attitude. She had no idea how
the scammers were able to access her passwords.


— deaf who do not want to learn language

There was a posting about choice between
being blind or being deaf. A linguistics
professor asked his class:

What would your life be like if you had never
learned a language?

The professor said that without language
there is no quality of life even if the
person enjoys language-less life! 


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