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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 5, 2019

— doorbell camera saved deaf woman’s life

In Wichita, Kansas, a hearing woman has a doorbell camera.
Someone knocked on her door and she looked at the camera
and saw her neighbor’s house (in the background) on
fire. She immediately ran towards the house in flames
and told the neighbor to get out. That neighbor was
deaf and knew nothing about the fire in her own house!


— theatrical interpreters using body language

The interpreting program at Columbus State Community
College (Ohio) teaches students how to use
body language on the stage to help the deaf
in audience follow everything. The college
says it eliminates the need to watch back
and forth between the actor and the
interpreter. Instead the deaf just watches
the interpreter. Not exactly sure how it
works, but it is the way the college
teaches its interpreting students.


— another example of blind helping the deaf

A while ago a newspaper mentioned that Bill
Schwall became the first deaf person to
work as a telephone installer for a Bell
telephone company. He used special devices
to help him install the telephones at
hearing customers’ houses. His boss
was a blind man who was happy to hire
and to train him for the job! Bill had
a great career at Bell until he retired.



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