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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 8, 2019

— easy change or difficult change

Major League Baseball changed the wording “disabled list”
to “injured list” at the request of disabled groups. They
felt that “disabled list” was confusing and was a bad
reflection on them. Could we do the same, asking all
USA newspapers to change these wordings from “deaf-mute”
and “deaf and dumb” to either deaf or hard of hearing?


— complaints about deaf “emoji”

DeafDigest mentioned a couple of days ago that
the deaf emoji is one of the new emojis coming
up. They are saying it does not represent all
ranges – ASL-signing deaf, oral speaking-deaf,
late deafened, hard of hearing, Cued Speech-deaf,


— deaf truck driver in middle of a broken dam lawsuit

The Oroville Dam, in north California, has so many
problems. There is a lawsuit going on. It was
mentioned in a lawsuit that a deaf woman, who
drives a truck, was asked by her boss to drive her
vehicle on the top of the broken dam. Her job was
to listen for sounds inside the concrete. A
state public works employee, who witnessed it,
said it was unbelievable that it happened as it
was an impossible job for her. While she is innocent
and not involved in the court case, the lawsuit is
getting uglier and uglier with the plaintiff
and the defendant blaming each other for the mess.



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