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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 11, 2019

— a switch from one sign language to another

Deaf people of Iceland, until 1910, used sign language
of Denmark as their own language. Because of national
pride, these Icelandic deaf people slowly developed
their own sign language and over the years, dropped
the Danish sign language in favor of their own!


— a comment from a police dispatch center

A spokesperson from a police dispatch center

we do not automatically follow up on text 911
calls until we make sure these are not
accidental calls!


— dismissing a deaf ADA discrimination lawsuit

A judge in Louisiana dismissed a deaf ADA discrimination
lawsuit (no interpreter in a hospital stay). Reason was
that there was no proof or evidence nor paperwork by the
deaf litigant, saying that her ADA rights were violated.
The hospital legal team did provide the documents the
judge wanted.



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