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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 12, 2019

— Starbucks good or bad to deaf

Starbucks opened all-signing store near
Gallaudet in Washington, DC. Yet, there
was an ugly lawsuit years back about
Starbucks discriminating against the
deaf in New York. And now just this –
that Starbucks is accused of discriminating
against deaf baristas in Seattle, a city
which takes its coffee seriously. So,
Starbucks good to us or bad to us?
DeafDigest editor, by the way, loves his
Starbucks coffee.


— Super Bowl or Mannix TV program

Mannix was a popular detective TV sitcom during
the sixties and seventies. Yes, it was not captioned.
But anyway, Sanford Diamond, a deaf actor, took part
in one episode, but what a joke it was. He only
appeared on that episode for just one second. If
one blinked his eye, he would miss that deaf actor.
It is the same thing with the Super Bowl. The deaf
signer of the National Anthem was shown on the TV
for – just one second! So, Mannix or 2019 Super Bowl?


— sign language in hearing film

“Wonder” is said to be the first movie to be interpreted
in sign language. It is a fourth option to open captions,
the closed captions via devices and the special audio
assistance for hard of hearing. The credit for this
sign language innovation belongs to Nyle DiMarco, who
pushed for it.



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