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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 13, 2019


— real reason for Seattle Starbucks lawsuit

DeafDigest mentioned that deaf baristas in Seattle
filed a discrimination lawsuit against Starbucks.
It has happened too often; the boss that hired the
deaf liked their work performance and gave them
great employee reviews. This boss left; a new boss,
who apparently didn’t like the deaf, started
discriminating against them!


— a section of the law no one talks about

Many deaf people know what is ADA; they also know
what is Section 504. But how many deaf people know
about Section 1557? It is part of the Affordable
Care Act, which also does not allow discrimination
in federally-funded health care programs. If a
deaf person hires an attorney, just make sure
that attorney knows what Section 1557 is all about!


— sign-language museum tours do not help non-signing deaf

There are always stories of museems hiring sign language
tour guides to help the deaf tourists. Nothing has been
ever mentioned about deaf tourists that do not know
sign language. Not every deaf person knows sign



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