A big mystery surfaced during the last deaf Eastern
men’s fast pitch championship game in 1963 (before
slo pitch started in 1964).

Heavily favored New York Golden Tornadoes was
trailing 1-0 in the last inning against underdog
New York Pelicans. The pitcher, John Woods, pitching
the best game of his life, was tiring in the
seventh inning and gave a walk to Golden Tornadoes’
Jerry Berlowitz.

Without warning Berlowitz attempted to steal
second base, while Woods wasn’t watching the runner
or even the batter. Suddenly Woods woke up and
turned around to throw Berlowitz out at second base.

Woods was profoundly deaf, not hard of hearing,
and how did he know that Berlowitz was running
towards second base? If his teammates were
screaming at Woods, he couldn’t hear it.

For weeks, it was the most talked about play,
for it killed a potential Golden Tornadoes
rally, handing the Pelicans the last deaf fast
pitch championship!