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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 22, 2015

— a new deaf contestant on a TV show

In the TV program – Survivor: Worlds Apart — White Collar
vs. Blue Collar vs. No Collar, there are 18 contestants.
One of the contestants is Nina Poersch. She is deaf. This
program starts on February 25th. At stake is one million
dollars prize money.



— a fancy London restaurant kicks out a wealthy patron

A deaf waitress, with her two hearing aids, was serving
a large table group at a fancy London restaurant. A
woman, in that group, thought the waitress was wearing
headphones, and complained about it with the restaurant
manager. He explained to her that these “headphones”
were actually hearing aids. The woman didn’t believe
it and continued to complain, much to the embarrassment
of her husband and friends in that table group. The
manager defended his waitress and kicked the woman
out of the restaurant. Her husband then gave the
deaf waitress a very big tip!



— Facebook wants to help the deaf

Facebook is testing something new with its Messenger
app. It will convert voice messages to text. Is
that good or bad for the deaf? Good, if text is
perfect with no spelling errors. Bad, if it has
many spelling errors.





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