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Deaf Digest Blue – October 23, 2011


News of the Week – Looking Back 5 Years Ago:

Wal-Mart not good to deaf employees? According to a deaf employee, Wal-Mart is not a great employer. The employee said:

– no TTY on the premises

– no interpreter for a staff meeting

– fellow employees must be used to field emergency phone calls from the children of the deaf employee (school issues by the principal)

– store manager continues to promise “will look into it” when the deaf employee complains on these working conditions

– Wal-Mart employee web site lacks information and resources that would help deaf employees


Deaf Apocalypse of the Week:

It was mentioned last week in DeafDigest that the law in Iowa, requiring all classroom interpreters to be licensed, may be the reason for serious shortage in this field.

It was pointed out to DeafDigest editor that schools in Iowa had six full years to get ready for this law to take effect. These schools did not want to pay for interpreter training classes. And also, these interpreters also had six years to get their licenses, but have done nothing.

Said a deaf program administrator:

So why is it the fault of the law? The law is a good one but it is the people who hoped no one would remember it!


A Lipreading Problem: What did that person say?

At the Subway checkout counter, I asked for two cookies.

The woman behind the counter said something.

I thought she said: Would you like to have three.

I said: No, just two cookies (while holding up two fingers for emphasis)

The woman then gestured drinking from a cup

I then realized she was asking: Would you like to have a drink!

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position opening Director Rhode Island School for the Deaf Providence, Rhode Island

Rhode Island School for the Deaf has initiated a search for Director.

All information can be obtained on our web page:


position opening Clinical Psychology Faculty position Gallaudet University Washington, DC

The Psychology Department at Gallaudet University has a clinical psychology faculty position opening. The position description and application information can be found at:

For additional information about this position, contact Dr. Patrick Brice, Clinical Psychology Program Director at:


position openings in Rehabilitation field in Georgia

–  Georgia Department of Labor, Vocational Rehabilitation Deafness program is seeking a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) serving the Deaf and Hard of Hearing caseload in Dublin and surrounding counties. &entry_timestamp=2011-10-04-

–  Cave Springs Rehabilitation Center is seeking a Life Adjustment Supervisor responsible for the direction and operation of the 52 bed dormitory and the coordination of Independent Living Skills Training for the students. Duties include supervision of the dormitory staff, coordinating the staff’s work schedules and activities, managing the physical maintenance of the dormitory, and ensuring the safety and accountability of all students. &entry_timestamp=2011-10-04-


position announcement Independent Living Skills Specialist The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Advocacy Resource Center position based in Las Vegas, Nevada

ORGANIZATION: The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Advocacy Resource Center (DHHARC) is a statewide advocacy, resource, telecommunications distribution, and direct service center offering advocacy, referral and community education services throughout Nevada.  DHHARC has two offices in Reno/Sparks and Las Vegas.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Type of appointment: Full-Time/40 hrs a week/Non-exempt Location: Position available in Las Vegas Posting date: September 28, 2011 Closing date: October 14, 2011

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Individual provides independent living skills training and support for deaf and hard of hearing consumers to develop or maintain a maximum level of independence and ensure a higher quality of life living in the community. Individual conducts accurate assessment and develops a service plan based on clients. need and input. Provides all services outlined in the individualized service plan including skill development, training, education, support and assistance to each clients. Skill development areas focus on, but are not limited to, literacy, employment readiness, financial management, time management, using communication technologies, transportation and housing. Participates in the technology/equipment distribution as well as in the community education responsibilities of the Center.  Conducts, develops and implements program activities for DHHARC. Conducts outreach responsibilities as assigned which may include travel to rural areas.  Works in the evening and during weekend when needed. SALARY: $36,244 – $37,694 DOE, plus customary benefits.

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