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DeafDigest Blue – January 13, 2019

DeafDigest Blue – January 13, 2019
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Last week’s ASL Videos in youtube
This week’s ASL videos in youtube
Top stories about the deaf:
The state of Oklahoma has proposed rules that
may affect the deaf that are in the need of
services. As a result, the state Department
of Rehabilitation Services and the Oklahoma
Rehabilitation Council will have open hearings
to get feedback from the deaf.
Shirley Pinto, who is deaf, may possibly
become the first deaf member of the Israeli
Knesset. Would she fight on behalf of the
deaf and the disabled, or would the violent
world of Israeli politics overwhelm her?
There was an announcement that said:
Football Hall of Fame adds deaf interpreters to tour
DeafDigest has a question – will these interpreters
understand football language (first down, touchdown,
tackling, blocking, audibles, etc)?
Or is the hall of fame going to hire certified interpreters
that are not football fans and consequently know nothing
about this sport?
Warren Schwab has departed us; he founded The Learning Center
for the Deaf in 1970 in Framingham, MA. This tiny
school has grown to become on the largest deaf programs
in the New England region.
Deaf Activists in Nigeria said that when the government
makes a policy decision to help the deaf, they are never
consulted in the first place.
*Media Coordinator*
New position opening at H3 World TV. Nonprofit media organization seek
media coordinator with past experience of managing media/production
projects, knowledge of journalism and management capabilities. This
full-time position involves news editorial, writing and editing,
coordinating crew members on current affairs, deaf events and sports
productions, social media and website. Canadian employer prefers position
to be based at headquarters in Toronto, Canada but may consider other
settings. For further information or to express interest, send cover
letter, resume/CV and portfolio to:
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This week’s ASL video in youtube
    Economy is bad; it is harder to find jobs. But
if you try hard you will find a job.
    The job interview is very important. You must be
careful of what you say during the interview.
    This is a true story. A deaf man was being
interviewed for a job at a residential school for
the deaf.
    During the interview, the deaf man told the
principal that he was thrilled about the possible
    The principal asked why. The young man said:
my favorite college football team is in this state
    Of course, he did not get the job!
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Lip reading tale
A hearing friend was dining with a deaf friend
at a restaurant.
A third person just passed by their table.
The hearing person either said:
This is Jeff
or did he say:
This is chef
not wanting to make a big thing out of it,
the deaf person let it go, still not knowing
if it was Jeff or the chef!
This week’s ASL video in youtube
    Are Hearing Gestures same as our ASL?
  Do not know, but some time ago Linguists
  from University of Chicago researched these
  Hearing Gestures.
    DeafDigest is curious to see what these
  Chicago Linguists said about these gestures.
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Some people have asked about the captioning of songs and why broadcast
captioners and CART captioners sometimes do not caption song lyrics.
What Deaf and hard-of-hearing people may not realize is that even people
with normal hearing may have a very difficult time understanding song
lyrics. If a realtime captioner is not given the song lyrics in advance of
the captioning assignment, it may be very difficult to comprehend what is
being sung. Sometimes people may have heard a song hundreds of times and
still not be able to understand the lyrics.
Although my mother was not a captioner or court reporter, she had normal
hearing, and she would sometimes sing along to the radio. I will never
forget the day I heard her singing along with a Fifth Dimension song about
“The Angel Aquarius.” It should have been “The Age of Aquarius.”
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News of the Week – Looking Back 10 Years Ago:
    A tale is going on and you will need to determine if
it is a fact or a fiction.
    A deaf-blind vendor operates a successful business,
selling hotdogs on a cart in a major city street
corner. The income he earned gave him a comfortable
    His son went to college and in one of his classes
(economics) he learned from the professor that
our economy is due for a nose dive.
    Alarmed the son warned his deaf-blind father
that his hotdog sales will also nose dive because
of that bad economy.
    As a result, the hotdog business nose dived,
forcing the father to close up his stand.
    Question is – if the son kept his mouth shut,
would the father continue to think the business
was great? Or because negative thoughts entered
the father’s mind, his business nose dived?
    Good economy or bad economy, people will always
be hungry around lunch time and a $2.00 hot dog
is always a bargain!
News of the Week – Looking Back 5 Years Ago:
2014 is in and that means all FCC captioning rules are now
in force. Of course there are always providers that
plead for exceptions.
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