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DeafDigest Blue – January 31, 2016

DeafDigest Blue – January 31, 2016

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Saturday’s Deaf Picture for your surprise



DeafDigest dedicates this edition to Kevin
Milligan, the all-time Gallaudet basketball
immortal, that departed us. This much-honored
basketball player had his Gallaudet jersey
number retired in a ceremony that took
place several years ago. He played during
the early sixties.

Top stories about the deaf:

Mental health services in London have begun to use
the Skype to communicate with deaf patients. The
newspapers lauded it as a breakthrough in

For the first time hearing screening tests for
all newly-born babies will be conducted in
the United Arab Emirates.

The 911 text services has been extended to these
cities in the San Francisco Bay Area – Richmond, El Cerrito, Kensington and San Pablo.

Activists in Great Britain are saying that welfare
cuts to the deaf are preventing them from
obtaining employment! Something to do with no
money to pay for transportation costs to and
from work.

A deaf woman had her job offer as nurse at the
world-famous Johns Hopkins Hospital only
to have it taken back because of deafness. She fought back and – won. The court said the
hospital broke ADA regulations.


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Read what they say

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You have an appointment and see the receptionist.
The receptionist says fine, and asks you to sit
in the waiting room. She will call you when
your name comes up.
The waiting room looks different. You cannot
see the receptionist from the back area of the
waiting room. You can see her from the front area.
The front area is full. the back area is
You are forced to stand up for a long time
in the front area to make sure receptionist does
not overlook you!


Sign languages that are mo more or are dying


Does McDonald’s hate the deaf? DeafDigest editor
does not think so.
But there have been bad newspaper stories in
recent weeks about McDonald’s refusing to serve
the deaf; refusing to hire the deaf; kicking the
deaf out of the restaurant, etc?
Maybe McDonald’s should hire a Deaf Representative
to work with the Deaf Community!



a flip question by a hearing person directed at an

why are you keeping the deaf person in the loop?


Using computer-aided transcription (CAT) or captioning software, a realtime captioner or CART provider utilizes a computerized personal dictionary in order to translate steno strokes into English words. The captioner may input entries into a personal dictionary that look something like this:


If the captioner were to write the sounds KOPB/STAPB/TEUPB/OEP/-L, they would translate as “con Stan tin opal.”

In order to translate properly, the captioner would have to input an additional entry to his or her dictionary like this:


Every word or phrase that a captioner writes must be in the computer dictionary created by the captioner. With thousands of words and phrases in a captioner’s dictionary, it is sometimes difficult for the captioner to remember if a particular word or phrase has been inputted into the dictionary.

You might see occasional unusual translations when you are watching realtime captioning simply because a captioner does not have that word or phrase in his or her dictionary yet.


being constantly told that oral education, CI, Cued
Speech, etc is best for them.

(Every deaf person, no matter if it is ASL, oral,
Cued Speech, late-deafened, hearing aid user, CI user,
etc, share these pet peeves. You may laugh or cry)


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Prison officials have been accused of ignoring
the rights of deaf inmates in Florida. As a result
a group has filed a lawsuit.


News of the Week – Looking Back 10 Years Ago:

From time to time DeafDigest reports on IRS’s refusal
to accept relay calls, insisting that the deaf caller
use the TTY.
Even when the TTY is pretty much going out of fashion,
the IRS sticks with its edict.
The frustrated deaf person then instructed the VRS
operator to keep quiet about it being a relay service.
It worked but the IRS agent, already suspicious
of conflicts – name (male) and voice (female), warned of
prosecution if fraud surfaced.
Still, the agent accepted the call and fully addressed
a tax issue with the deaf person.


News of the Week – Looking Back 5 Years Ago:

A deaf senior in a high school, wanting to go to college,
basically has three options; go to Gallaudet; go to
NTID/RIT; go to a hearing college. Yale University has
two deaf students, and both have had their share of
frustrations with “everything” – classroom discussions,
struggles with interpreting services, limited social
life, etc. They, however, stressed that if they had to
start all over again, they would still attend Yale!


Deaf Apocalypse of the Week:

See above re Yale. Does it mean these two students
are gluttons for punishment?


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