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DeafDigest Blue – September 27, 2015

DeafDigest Blue – September 27, 2015

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Top stories about the deaf:

Going on in Great Britain is the National Inclusion Week,
and one of the objectives is to enable the employers
to hire the deaf.

Which is better – Cued Speech or Lipreading? This
was the debate that was conducted on a British
deaf chat group!

The government of India has approved the
establishment of the Indian Sign Language Research and Training Centre. It was established before
and closed up – before being reopened this time.

The Court of Clams said that the state of Ohio
messed up with the funds that was earmarked for
the construction of buildings on the campus of
Ohio School for the Deaf. The school itself
is not involved with the mismanagement of funds.

Do city fringe festivals involve the deaf community
with their planning of many side events? Don’t
know, but the Vancouver Fringe Festival did
with the British Columbia deaf community.


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At Starbucks, each order is written on the paper coffee cup
with the customer’s first name. This is important because Starbucks
is often crowded with a lot of confusion
In some Starbucks places, there is a trick to giving the right
coffee cup to the deaf person without insulting him. When a
deaf person places his order, his name is not written on the
paper cup. Many deaf people love coffee but do not speak well.
Starbucks knows that the deaf person will be insulted if
the cup is written deaf or even deaf-mute or even deaf-dumb!

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NTID wins a big grant to help deaf in science

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More big cities have many food trucks parked next to
each other in downtowns.
Almost all of these food trucks sell very delicious
lunch meals.
But almost all deaf people hate it? These food trucks
are owned by immigrants that struggle with English language.
And also almost all food trucks have signs that are
posted on the side. If a deaf person points out to a meal
choice, the chef has to poke his head way out of the
window to look at the menu choice.
Too much of a hassle for the deaf.

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Deaf fussy about interpreters



having to voice over a deaf person’s ASL and also his own voiced presentation

muttered one interpreter:

I’m not sure if this is frustrating for other interpreters
but it sure does cause me headaches


Have you heard people make these statements?

“We don’t need a CART captioner because we already have ASL interpreters scheduled for this event.” “We will just have CART, and then we won’t need the sign language interpreters.”

These statements were made by people who do not understand the needs of people who are deaf or have a hearing loss. CART captioners and ASL interpreters are not in competition with one another. They are not interchangeable. They serve different purposes for different segments of the population.

There are people who are late-deafened who do not know sign language. How could an ASL interpreter help them understand what is going on?
There are also people whose first language is ASL, and they have difficulty reading a CART screen. They need the accommodation in their primary language: ASL.

People who work with the public must understand that ASL is not just English using your hands. It is a separate language. It is not something someone with a hearing loss can learn in a few weeks. Its grammar and syntax are different from the English language.

In order to make a large event totally accessible for people with a hearing loss, you cannot choose between ASL interpreting or CART captioning. You really need to have both forms of access.


hearing people wondering how could some deaf people
learn to speak!

(Every deaf person, no matter if it is ASL, oral,
Cued Speech, late-deafened, hearing aid user, CI user,
etc, share these pet peeves. You may laugh or cry)



— restaurant TTY is taken down and you don’t know it

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Ventura County was accused of violating ADA by refusing to hire
a qualified deaf applicant and had to pay the deaf applicant
$45,000; the county officials agreed to train supervisors to observe the ADA regulations on job applications. And
while the deaf person won, the attorney got most of the
money and he did not get the job he was seeking!


News of the Week – Looking Back 10 Years Ago:

DeafDigest wishes to applaud Patner Construction, Inc, a
construction company based in Fairfax, VA. This company is
putting in a bid to win the contract to do the renovations at
Gallaudet’s Peikoff Alumni House (aka Old Jim).
This company is inviting all deaf laborers, tradesmen,
vendors, and subcontractors to join in this bidding. This is
the first time anywhere in USA that a hearing construction
company would ask for the deaf tradespeople to join the bidding.

editor’s note: not sure if Patner hired deaf workers or
if any deaf workers applied for the Gallaudet construction


News of the Week – Looking Back 5 Years Ago:

One of the nation’s last surviving manual bookbinding
businesses was deaf owned, the Atlantic Bookbinding Company
in Atlantic, Iowa.

It was owned by Soren Petersen, who has been in the field
for 50 years. He is closing the shop at the end of this
month, weary of these 12-14 hour, 6 days a week grind.


Deaf Apocalypse of the Week:

Is there such a thing as a comment like this?

Oops, I forgot to bring my interpreter for a meeting!

It was a spoof comment as part of a deaf theatrical


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