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DeafDigest Gold – April 27, 2014

DeafDigest Gold – April 27, 2014

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“The Parenting Journey: Raising Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children”

In the book, “The Parenting Journey”, Karen Putz shares the wisdom she
learned from being a deaf parent to three teens with hearing loss, and
stories from other parents of deaf and hard of hearing children.

Karen grew up hard of hearing and became deaf as a teen. She spent a lot
of time working with families with deaf and hard of hearing children.

With real life experiences from both Karen and those she has worked with,
this book provides a needed resource for parents.

Find “The Parenting Journey” (B1260) at Harris Communications for
only $12.95.

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This just in –

Page McCraw is now the interim president of
South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind

Top stories about the deaf:

Employees in more than 20 different departments in the Atlanta
government have been trained on how to deal with deaf relay

Stricter rules on TV captions as required by FCC are
effective April 30th.

Deaf Canadians will smile come the fall of 2015 when
nationwide relay service will be established. They
have been waiting for it for years and years.

Winning the ADARA Outstanding Mental Health Service to
Deaf People Award was Jennifer Reesman at the recent
convention. She founded the Deafness Related
Evaluations and More (DREAM) Clinic at Johns Hopkins

A hot story this week was “gene tweaking” to help
the deaf become hearing again. Something to do with
DNA injection.


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At a hotel that DeafDigest editor stayed last
week, there was a hearing convention.
In the hotel lobby, there was a big sign that

Please keep quiet. Guests want to sleep

Many hotel managers complain that deaf people
are very noisy in hotel parties. But it is the
first time the hotel complained about noise
from hearing people in parties!
Deaf Noise. Hearing Noise. Same thing.

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April 30, 2014 FCC new rules on TV captions


A true story many years ago. A deaf child grew up
in a hearing family and have never met a deaf person
in her life.
This child found out that there was a deaf family
that lived about 25-30 blocks away. For almost every
day for about a month this deaf child rode on a
bicycle to visit the deaf family, just to have
conversation and company.
Years later, this deaf child went to Gallaudet and
graduated and has a good job at a school for the deaf.
This deaf child was lucky.

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Our Deaf Plants


Future deaf people becoming throat-readers, not lip-readers?
Ridiculous? Not according to researchers from Waseda University
in Japan.
In a presentation at the International Congress on Acoustics
recently, a demonstration of throat-reading was shown.
It has something to do with capturing voices via high
speed camera zoomed on a person’s throat.
If a movie is shown at 24 frames per second, then this
high speed camera is at 10,000 frames per second! This is
where throat-reading is supposed to come into the picture.

(video with captions; may not work with iPads)

Madrid Sign Language not deaf

Do enjoy viewing that video! Sorry, this video may
not work with iPad.


Alaska Deaf Council


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– photofinish photographer, horse race track

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Q. Single sided deafness? Unilateral deafness? These
phrases confuse me?

A. DeafDigest editor is confused!

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Rene Pellerin’s corner:

Visiting Quebec

I will go from the USA to Quebec Canada with my grandson and my sister.

Do I have to expect extra scrutiny because I am DeafBlind?

It is interesting to wonder if there is DeafBlind profiling out there?

The last time I went with my sister, the border patrol asked my sister:
“Why isn’t he driving?”

Seems more gender bias than DeafBlind bias?

Let see what they ask this time, I will let you know next week!

Rene’s show business is now entering its 3rd year and it
focuses on the Deaf-Blind.

You can email him at


Deaf Wish List of the Week:

that hearing people will love, not hate, captions and



Year 1869 – the St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf,
Bronx, NY, opens its doors. This school is
celebrating its 145th anniversary. This school closed
its high school division in 1950, serving K-8


DeafNumbers of the Week:


FCC new captioning standards
The February 2014 Order, among other things:

Establishes four non-technical quality standards including accuracy,
synchronicity, completeness and placement;


Deaf Collegiate Athletes:

Ryan Manoogian, a freshman, is a member of the
men’s volleyball team at Orange Coast College
in California.


Elite Deaf Athletes:

Daniel Michel, Florida, MMA fighter
2-3-0 record to date


Deaf Sports Library

current deaf fighters

Joey Bell, Jr, Canada, MMA fighter
Maude Bergeron, boxing, Canada
Joey Brozovich, kickboxer, Bermuda
Adam Evans, England, MMA fighter
Daniel Michel, Florida, MMA fighter
Germaine McKinney, Michigan, pro boxing
Goshu Riki, Japan, professional kick boxer
Lee Sandmeier, Iowa, Ultimate Fighter
Garrett Scott, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Texas
Aubree Thompson, women’s Ultimate Fighter, Utah
Tracy Willis, mixed martial arts fighter, Oklahoma


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*  EDD Program Manager

*  EDD Placement Coordinator – Norwalk, CA

*  Staff Interpreter (2 positions available) – Los Angeles, CA

*  Staff Interpreter (2 positions available)- Riverside, CA (CODIE)

*  Community Advocate – Los Angeles, CA

To learn more about the above positions at GLAD, please go
to our website:

If interested for any of these positions then please submit resume
and application to:

Jeff Fetterman
Human Resources Manager
Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.
2222 Laverna Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90041

V/TDD:  (323) 550-4207
Fax #:  (323) 550-4204



position opening
Community Education Coordinator, Part-Time (20 hours/week)
Deaf Access Services, Inc
Buffalo, NY

Community Education Coordinator, Part-Time (20 hours/week) Deaf Access
Services, Inc. – Buffalo, NY Develop and oversee the American Sign Language
(ASL) program and other community outreach sessions designed to enhance the
Western New York community’s understanding of ASL, sign language, Deaf
Culture, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the rights and needs
of persons who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Bachelor’s degree in related field preferred.

Experience teaching American Sign Language (ASL) classes Background in
developing curriculum for ASL/sign language classes Experience developing
and implementing in-service courses/sessions

Required Application Documents
Completion of DAS Application Form (available at Curriculum
Vitae or Resume Cover Letter List of References

Start Date: As soon as possible; position posting open until filled.

How to Apply
Submit application materials to Neil Burns, Interim Executive Director;


Deaf Access Services, Inc.
2495 Main Street
Suite 446
Buffalo, New York 14214

Position Opening: Billing Assistant and Staff Interpreter Category:
Full-Time (37.5 hours per week)
Reports to: Manager of Interpreting Services
Posting Date: April 28, 2014

Major Responsibilities
1. Process accounts receivables for interpreting services customers (70% of
2. Provide sign language interpreting services to staff and customers, as
needed (30% of position).
Specific Duties
1. Maintain receivables in a timely manner for submission to the business
2. Verify interpreter’s invoices for accuracy.
3. Review vouchers and timesheets for ACCES-VR billing.
4. Prepare monthly statistics of interpreting services, including quarterly
ACCES-VR reports.
5. Provide sign language interpreting services for staff members and
customers, as assigned.
6. Perform other duties as needed to assist the Manager of Interpreting
Services, Scheduling Coordinator, and the business office staff.

Other Responsibilities
1. Assist, as needed, at DAS activities and events (including fundraising
2. Perform other tasks and projects, as assigned by the Manager of
Interpreting Services and Executive Director

Required Minimum Qualifications
1. 1-2 years of receivables experience with college/business school
education preferred
2. Keyboarding accuracy
3. Ability to adhere to deadlines
4. Strong written and verbal communication skills
5. Excellent telephone etiquette and strong customer service skills
6. At least two (2) years of training and experience working as a sign
language interpreter
7. Knowledge of deaf culture and experience working with the deaf community

Required Application Documents Completion of DAS Application Form
Curriculum Vitae or Resume Cover Letter

Start Date: Monday, May 12, 2014; position posting open until filled.

How to Apply Submit application materials to Neil Burns, Interim Executive
Director, at



open position
Math Teacher
Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf
Mill Neck, NY

We are looking for a Math Teacher to start in September 2014.  The
successful candidate must possess:  Masters Degree in Deaf Education
or related field.  NYS Certification in Math for grades 7 – 12.

Previous experience with teaching Math to deaf students.  Excellent
communication skills.  Fluency in Sign Language. Proven ability to
work as part of a team.  Interested persons should apply to


Teachers for the deaf
The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
Philadelphia, PA

The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf is presently recruiting for Teachers
for the Deaf who are qualified and experienced. There may be varying
teaching positions for different age levels at the school.

Applicants must have a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited
college/university in Deaf Education or a related field and be eligible
for state certification. Master’s degree is preferable.

Fluency in American Sign Language at the advanced level is expected.

Please send your cover letter and resume to:
Human Resources
The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
100 W. School House Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19144

The starting date for this is August 25, 2014

You can also send via email:


Job Description
Itinerant Teacher for the deaf
The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
Philadelphia, PA

Title: Itinerant Teacher of the Deaf
Reports to: Outreach Supervisor

Employment Information: This is a full- time 12 month position.
Summary: The office of Educational Outreach is seeking an itinerant
teacher of the deaf to address the educational, social and
communication needs of the students in partnership with their family
and school personnel. The itinerant teacher will travel to various
school locations to directly serve students and consult with staff
to address individual student needs.

– Bachelor’s degree in Deaf Education, Master’s Degree preferred
– Pennsylvania Deaf Education Certification
– Experience working with deaf/hard of hearing students ages 3-21.
– Proficiency in American Sign Language.
– Experience in utilizing strategies for optimizing listening and spoken
language development.
– Working knowledge of hearing aids, cochlear implants, FM equipment and
interpretation of audiograms.

– Review/obtain updated audiological/medical information regarding the
student’s hearing loss.
– Perform listening checks and simple troubleshooting procedures on
various amplification devices and assistive technology.
– Provide in-service presentations for mainstream teachers and support
personnel including suggestions for environmental accommodations,
preferential seating, communication, understanding hearing aids, FM
systems and using a sign language interpreter as appropriate.
– Create an environment that allows optimal visual and acoustic access to
allow for full participation of students with hearing loss.
– Plan instructional strategies for adapting and modifying curriculum and
materials to meet individual student needs.
– Utilize data to develop and implement Individualized Education Plans to
meet the unique needs of the student.
– Effectively utilize computer-based web-systems for documentation of
progress including goal development, progress monitoring,
accommodations and Individualized Education Plan writing.
– Acquire knowledge of statewide goals and school/site goals. Work to
achieve those goals.
– Foster self-advocacy skills among deaf/hard of hearing students.
– Facilitate positive interactions between staff and students.
– Act as liaison between student, teachers, parents and administration.
– Coordinate meetings with outside agencies as needed.
– Maintain ongoing communication with parents regarding student progress.
– Support and collaborate with educational interpreters.

Please send your cover letter and resume to:
Human Resources
The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
100 W. School House Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19144

The starting date for this job is July 1, 2014

You can also send via email:


Job Vacancy ID # 140259
Lecturer in American Sign Language (ASL) & Deaf and Hard of Hearing
(DHH), Student Services
Iowa State University
Ames, IA

Title: Lecturer in American Sign Language (ASL) & Deaf and Hard of Hearing
(DHH), Student Services

Employing Departments: World Languages and Cultures AND Student Disability

Appointment Conditions: Non Tenure Track, 9 months, Full Time, Appointment
ending 5/15/17 with the possibility of renewal

Proposed Start Date: 08/16/2014

Job Description: The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Department of
World Languages and Cultures, Dean of Students Office, and the Student
Disability Resources Office invite applications for a Lecturer in American
Sign Language (ASL) who will develop/teach courses in the area of American
Sign Language and Deaf Culture while collaborating with the Student
Disability Resources Office to provide student services for Deaf and Hard
of Hearing (DHH) students at Iowa State University.

The individual selected for this position will develop and teach courses
related to deaf culture and communication as well as provide direct
services for ISU students (including interpreting/transliterating). The
successful candidate will be a motivated instructor with a background in
deaf culture/awareness.

The Department of World Languages and Cultures (
is the central resource at Iowa State University for the teaching,
research, and study of cultures in and through their native languages from
a global perspective.

Iowa State University ( is an AAU-member, land grant,
Carnegie Doctoral/Research Extensive University with an enrollment of over
33,000 students. The university is located in Ames, IA, one of the
nation’s most highly rated metropolitan areas of its size

Required Qualifications: Master’s degree in related discipline.
Experience teaching sign language, interpreting, deaf culture, or related
courses at a postsecondary institution
Permanent Professional license with the Iowa Board of Sign Language
Interpreters & Transliterators at the time of hire Demonstrated ability to
interpret both consecutively and simultaneously between ASL and
spoken/written English.

Application Instructions: To apply for this position, please go to and click on “Apply
for this Vacancy” and complete the Employment Application.

To ensure consideration, submit application by: 04-25-2014

Quick Link:

Iowa State University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.
All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without
regard to race, color, age, religion, gender, gender orientation, gender
identity, genetic information, national origin, marital status,
disability, or protected veteran status, and will not be discriminated
against. Inquiries can be directed to the Director of Equal Opportunity,
3350 Beardshear Hall, (515) 294-7612.


position opening
Coordinator of Interpreting Services
Frederick County Public Schools
Frederick, MD

position description & application procedures at:


job opening
Relay Nevada Outreach Coordinator
Hamilton Relay
either Reno, NV or Las Vegas, NV

Hamilton Relay currently has a full-time position open for Relay Nevada
Outreach Coordinator

Location: Reno or Las Vegas, Nevada

We are an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis
of race, religion, color, gender, age, national origin or disability.

Position summary: This full-time position is responsible for coordinating
and implementing outreach activities designed to promote Telecommunication
Relay Services (TRS) and Captioned Telephone Relay Service (CapTel®) for
Relay Nevada.

Preferred education, experience and skills:
–       Bachelor’s degree and two or more years of experience in the
design and implementation of public outreach, public relations or
related marketing experience are required.
–       Experience in the telecommunication field, Traditional Relay
Service or Captioned Telephone Service is a strong plus.
–       Excellent presentation skills
–       Ability to develop effective outreach and educational campaigns
–       Ability to confidently communicate (oral & written) with a wide
variety of audiences
–       Ability to plan, schedule and execute multiple projects
–       Ability to understand and follow directions
–       Capacity to develop and maintain effective working relationships
with Relay Administrator, public organizations, private and non-profit sectors
–       Knowledge of and ability to understand various communication modes
used by current and potential relay users
–       Familiarity with the user communities that could benefit from
relay services:
Senior Community
Hard of Hearing Community
Deaf Community
Speech Disabled

–       Able to travel alone
–       Individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing are encouraged to

For the full job description and application visit
or contact HR at 402.694.5101 or 800.821.1831 by April 30, 2014.

Hamilton Relay is a division of Hamilton Telecommunications based in
Aurora, NE


Gallaudet University faculty positions
Gallaudet University
Washington, DC

Positions contingent on funding

Gallaudet University serves deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing students
from many different backgrounds and seeks to develop a workforce that
reflects the diversity of its student body. Gallaudet is an equal
employment opportunity/affirmative action employer and actively encourages
deaf, hard of hearing, members of traditionally underrepresented groups,
people with disabilities, women, and veterans to apply for open positions.

The university is currently accepting applications for one or more faculty
positions in the following departments:

ASL & Deaf Studies
Hearing, Speech and Language Sciences
Physical Education and Recreation
Social Work

For detailed job descriptions and application information, go to:


position opening
Lexington School for the Deaf
Jackson Heights, NY

Position:                  Principal
Department:                School

Position Summary:
The Principal serves as the Lexington School’s instructional leader and is
responsible for all instructional supervision, program administration,
curriculum implementation/ initiatives, and staff development.

Essential Duties:
–    Provide leadership to all education program personnel while
working within the requirements of New York State education law and
regulations as well as the policies of the Board of Trustees.
–    Supervise department/related services supervisors.
–    Administer all aspects of school programs.
–    Promote curriculum improvement and ensure that instructional
programs and courses are implemented consistent with the New York State
Common Core and other mandated standards.
–    Maintain program compliance with all applicable education law and
–    Keep informed and up to date regarding new developments in
curriculum, instruction, and administration.
–    Serve as the liaison between the Parents Staff Association and the
–    Supervise the use of the approved budget for the School.
–    Implement School’s disciplinary policy.
–    Set the tone for a positive school climate, establishing clear
standards for  student deportment commensurate with the Lexington’s
philosophy and policies, and current school law.
–    Manage the selection of staff, performance evaluation, tenure
procedure, and administration of disciplinary actions for School program
–    Support technology integration practices in the school educational
–    Oversee the New York State Assessment program.
–    Represent the school programs during Collective Bargaining
Agreement negotiations.
–    Work as part of the Lexington Executive Administrative Team.

–    Experience as an Educational Supervisor.
–    Experience as a Certified Teacher of the Deaf.
–    Knowledge of the psychological and physiological development of
–    Ability to apply cognitive theories of teaching and learning
required; knowledge of the Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) preferred.
–    Knowledge of curriculum and principles of learning.
–    Knowledge of language and literacy development.
–    Knowledge of Deaf Culture needs and issues.
.    Ability to develop a school improvement plan and make decisions to
facilitate its fulfillment.
–    Proficient in American Sign Language.
–    Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
–    Ability to maintain confidentiality.
–    Ability to respond professionally if faced with difficult
–    Leadership, organizational and time management skills.
–    Ability to multi-task, comply with identified priorities and
deadlines, and respond to changing environment.
–    Ability to collect data and make sound decisions.
–    Ability to supervise and motivate employees at different levels.
–    Ability to work effectively with diverse groups of people.

–    Masters Degree required.
–    Teacher of the Deaf Certification required.
–    New York State Certification-School Administration and Supervision
or School Building Leaders required..

To Apply,
Email Resume to:
or fax at 718-350-3332

(Please indicate “Principal” in subject line)


career opportunities
PAHrtners Deaf Services
positions in Pittsburgh, PA & Glenside, PA

PAHrtners Deaf Services is a dynamic team of behavioral health
professionals serving Deaf and Hard of Hearing children and adults.
Located outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and in Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania, PAHrtners provides residential and out-patient services
to Deaf and Hard of Hearing (HoH) children, adolescents and adults.
Over 85% of our staff members are Deaf or Hard of Hearing!

As a result of our commitment to the Deaf/HoH community PAHrtners is
rapidly growing and expanding. Whether you are a high school
graduate, recent college graduate or professional with many years of
experience in the field of human services, we have a career-building
position waiting for you! E.O.E.

PAHrtners is looking for dedicated, motivated, energetic individuals
who are fluent in American Sign Language and knowledgeable in Deaf
culture to fill the following positions:

Residential Counselors for Deaf Adults with Intellectual Disabilities
– Full Time, Part Time, On Call; Glenside and Pittsburgh locations

Assistant Program Director for Residential Services for Deaf Adults
with Intellectual Disabilities and Behavioral Health needs – Full
Time; Glenside location

Residential Program Assistant for Adult Residential Program – Full
Time; Glenside location

Case Managers  for Residential Program for Deaf Adults with
Intellectual Disabilities and Behavioral Health needs – Full Time;
Glenside location

Residential Counselors for Residential Treatment Facility for
Adolescents- Full Time; Glenside location

Therapist/Psychiatric Rehabilitation Worker- Full Time; Glenside

Staff Interpreter- Full Time; Glenside location

HR Assistant- Full Time; Glenside location

Go to our Website at: to learn more about each

Like us on Facebook at:

Send your letter of intent and resume to:

Elizabeth Williams, Office Manager
PAHrtners Deaf Services,
614 N. Easton Road,
Glenside, PA 19038

Fax: 215-884-6301


position opening
Residential Supervisor – Nights (Long-term substitute)
Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
Pittsburgh, PA

REPORTS TO:    Dean of Students

JOB DESCRIPTION: This position is considered to be a long-term substitute
basis and non-exempt position.  Responsibilities include supervising
students’ activities before and during their sleeping hours and in the
morning before school, safety and security of students and must know the
students’ whereabouts at all times, responds quickly to accidents or
injuries, apply first aid when necessary, and contact the Health Center
and/or Security when necessary, report student concerns and progress to
the Dean of Students or Assistant Dean of Students, manage routine student
discipline as directed by the Dean of Students, document and report
accidents, adverse behavior, suspected abuse and keeping other
records/data as required.

MINIMUM UALIFICATIONS:    FBI, Child Abuse, Criminal Background and Act 82
clearances required.

DEADLINE:    Until filled


Send letter of application and resume to:

Dori Bachar
Director of Human Resources
Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
300 East Swissvale Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  15218


The Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf does not discriminate in its
programs of education, employment, and all other activities on the basis
of race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, age, religion, disability,
or gender preference.


open position
Visiting / Assistant / Associate Professor of American Sign
Language/English Interpreting & Interpreting Studies
(Division of Special Education)
Western Oregon University
Monmouth, OR

(REVISED 3/11/14)

Recruitment Number: F1317

Application Deadline:  Review of completed applications will begin
immediately and will continue until the position is filled. To ensure
priority review of your file, have application materials in by 04/11/2014.

Start Date:  September 16, 2014.  Opportunities to begin teaching before
September 2014 may be possible.

The Division of Special Education at Western Oregon University seeks
qualified applicants with experience in interpreter education for a
full-time, 9-month, tenure-track position in the graduate Interpreting
Studies and undergraduate ASL/English Interpreting programs. Appointment
at the Assistant or Associate level will be considered pending appropriate
experience.  ABD applicants are encouraged to apply and will be placed at
the non-tenure track, Visiting Assistant Professor rank.

Coursework in the Interpreting programs are offered in a variety of
formats, including on-campus, blended, online, and condensed formats. The
undergraduate ASL/English Interpreting program at WOU is accredited by the
Commission on Collegiate Interpreter Education and prepares students as
generalists who are able to interpret in a variety of settings. Students
are prepared through a curriculum infused with the demand-control schema,
which serves as the foundational framework on which to build their
professional practice. WOU.s undergraduate interpreting program was the
inaugural winner of the Sorenson VRS Interpreter Education Award of
Excellence in 2008. The primarily online graduate program in Interpreting
Studies prepares experienced interpreters to become leaders, mentors, and
teachers of interpreting. This program recently won the University
Professional and Continuing Education Association Outstanding Credit
Program Award. The university strongly encourages applications from
scholars of diverse backgrounds with a commitment to multicultural
education. Excellent benefits package included.

Responsibilities: The successful candidate will teach graduate courses,
both online and on campus, in the growing MA in Interpreting Studies
program and will teach campus-based and/or online undergraduate courses
focusing on ASL/English Interpreting. Other responsibilities may include
student advising, alternative calendar/off campus teaching, program
development and coordination, graduate thesis supervision and project
supervision, clinical supervision, teaching condensed courses in the
summer, and committee work as required by the union contract.

–    Ph.D/Ed.D in applicable field (e.g., interpreting, interpreter
education, linguistics, distance education, or adult education) required
for appointment at Assistant or Associate Professor rank. Visiting
Assistant Professor possible for ABD (renewable for three years). To be
appointed at the Associate Professor level, applicants must have
sufficient experience to qualify for promotion according to University
–    National interpreting certification (e.g., CI and CT; NIC;
Ed:k-12; or CDI)
–    3 years experience teaching interpreting at the postsecondary
level (specifically theory, processing, and practical application courses)
–    Experience with online education and openness to online
–    Knowledge of theories of meaning transfer and research on
interpreting/interpreter education.
–    Knowledge of national standards for interpreter education and
interpreter practitioners
–    Excellent signed and/or spoken communication, written, and
presentation skills
–    Effective teamwork, interpersonal, organizational, and time
management skills
–    Ability to collaborate with faculty from a wide range of
interpreting backgrounds
–    Ability to design and implement engaging and effective instruction

–    Other national certifications (ASLTA or SC: L)
–    Demonstrated commitment to scholarship
–    Experience with training interpreter educators
–    Program development and coordination experience
–    Demonstrated leadership in the field of interpreting
–    Ability to provide professional interpreters with the opportunity
for growth and development beyond the undergraduate level and to
participate in observation, practice, and supervision.

Contact information:
Questions regarding this position may be directed to Elisa Maroney, Ph.D.,
Search Committee Chair, at 503-838-8735 (TTY/V);
For more information about the graduate and undergraduate programs, go to

For questions regarding the application process or to submit your
application documents, please contact Human Resources at 503-838-8552 or

Application Process:
Required application materials:
–    A WOU Faculty Application Form – available at
–    Letter of interest describing professional skills and experience
related to the job requirements and duties, scholarly interests and
accomplishments, and plans for future growth.
–    Curriculum vita including evidence of scholarly activity
–    Teaching philosophy
–    Unofficial graduate transcripts for highest degree earned
–    Names and contact information for three (3) references
(Three (3) current letters of reference will be required prior to a campus
interview. At least one of the references must address teaching

Submit Application Materials to:
F1317, Assistant Professor of ASL English Interpreting/Interpreting
Human Resources
Western Oregon University
345 N. Monmouth Ave.
Monmouth, OR  97361

-OR- E-mail as an attachment to  -OR- Fax to

Western Oregon University (WOU) is a mid-sized public comprehensive
university located in the Monmouth-Independence area, the heart of
Oregon’s thriving Willamette Valley. The university serves a large number of
first-generation college students. WOU has received national recognition
for its commitment and success in serving students. The campus is about 20
minutes from Salem, the state’s capital, about 75 minutes from Portland,
the state’s cultural hub, and a short drive from the Oregon coast,
mountains, and other scenic areas. The university is located in an
increasingly diverse, bilingual, and rural area in the Willamette Valley.
Our student body of about 5400 undergraduate and 800 graduate students
enjoys the vibrant and close-knit intellectual community of a leading
liberal arts college. Opportunities exist to work in diverse local
communities. It is home to the Regional Resource Center on Deafness and a
variety of programs preparing professionals to work with individuals who
are Deaf including Rehabilitation Counseling, ASL/English Interpreting,
Interpreting Studies, American Sign Language Studies, and related
continuing education and technical assistance programs, as well as the
Teaching Research Institute and the Center on Sensory Disability.

Western Oregon University is an equal opportunity employer
committed to increasing the diversity of its workforce


open positions in North Carolina

Deaf Services Specialist position is located in Asheville, North Carolina.

Raleigh Regional Center Manager is located in Raleigh North Carolina.


open positions
The Learning Center for Deaf
Framingham, MA

Secondary Vice Principal (Expected Start Date July 1)

Classroom Teacher of the Deaf

Classroom Teacher of the Deaf – Mathematics

Substitute Classroom Teacher

Substitute Classroom Assistant

Walden School Family Partner

Walden School Child Care Worker – Day

Walden School Child Care Worker – Residential

Walden School Child Care Worker – Overnight

Relief Child Care Worker

System Administrator & Desktop Support

Substitute Daycare Center Teacher

Substitute Daycare Center Assistant

Walden School Teacher (Anticipated Opening)

If you are interested in applying please submit a
cover letter, resume, application (found on website –  as well as three professional
references to The application
packet must be complete in order to be considered
for the position.


position opening
Assistant Vice President for NTID Finance and Budget
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY

National Technical Institute for the Deaf

NTID Finance and Budget

Staff Job Function
Accounting and Financial

Wage Band

Employment Category

Department/College Description
NTID, one of the nine colleges of RIT, is the world’s largest
technological college serving deaf and hard of hearing students.
Created by Congress and funded by the U.S. Department of Education,
it represents the world’s first effort to educate large numbers of
deaf students within a college campus planned primarily for hearing
students. Together with 15,000 full and part-time hearing students,
over 1,300 college-age deaf students from all 50 states and abroad
study and reside on the campus of the Rochester Institute of
Technology. NTID is committed to creating a climate that fosters the
success of every student and employee by appreciating the unique
contributions that each person makes to the educational process based
on their ethnic, cultural, linguistic and gender-related knowledge
and experiences. For more information about NTID at RIT visit <a

Position reports directly to the President of NTID and serves as the
principal financial officer for NTID. Areas of responsibility
include: financial reporting; financial and operations policy and
procedure for the financial sustainability of NTID; budget
preparation and monitoring of the college’s budget.

Detailed Job Description

Monitor $90 million in revenue and expenses for the College of NTID.

Prepare financial component of NTID?s annual budget request to the
Department of Education. Prepare responses for all questions from
Department of Education included as a part of the Supplementary Data
of the annual budget request.

Work in partnership with the RIT Budget Director, Controller, and
their staffs.

Assure that NTID expenditures are in compliance with all RIT policies
as well as any mandated by the Department of Education.

Present budget updates and financial analysis for the President of
NTID and the NTID Administrative Council. Advise the President of
NTID of challenges and opportunities for NTID and the RIT Budget
Committee based on multiple funding levels that may be approved by
Congress, and recommend funding amounts to be requested from the
Federal Government.

Advise NAC members, Chairpeople and Department heads to resolve
budget issues that may arise within their divisions/department,
including assisting them in creating financial rationales for
programs they are proposing to the President of NTID or to other RIT

Manage multiple projects; demonstrate patience in dealing with
managers with little knowledge of finances; provide support and
advisement to decision makers; communicate effectively in writing,
verbally, and through the use of sign language; and maintain

Required Minimum Qualifications
Advanced degree in related field: Master of Business Administration,
Accounting, Finance, and/or CPA or equivalent

8-10 years of budget management and financial analysis experience in
a medium to large size organization, preferably in higher education.
Experience in reporting and presenting complex financial information
to administration for decision-making purposes.

5-10 years personnel supervisory experience

Fluency in American Sign Language and familiarity with Deaf culture.
Candidates who are not fluent in American Sign

Language must commence learning immediately and be able to
demonstrate such proficiency within two years of hire.

Required Minimum Education Level

Required Application Documents
Curriculum Vitae or Resume
Cover Letter

How To Apply
In order to be considered for this position, you must apply for it
at: Click the link for search openings and
in the keyword search field, enter the title of the position or the
BR number.

Additional Details
The hiring process for this position may require a criminal
background check and/or motor vehicle records check. Any verbal or
written offer made is contingent on satisfactory results, as
determined by Human Resources.

RIT does not discriminate. RIT promotes and values diversity,
pluralism and inclusion in the work place. RIT provides equal
opportunity to all qualified individuals and does not discriminate on
the basis of race, color, creed, age, marital status, gender,
religion, gender orientation, gender identity, gender expression,
national origin, veteran status or disability in its hiring,
admissions, educational programs and activities.

RIT provides reasonable accommodation to applicants with
disabilities, veterans or wounded warriors where appropriate. If you
need reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and
hiring process, please contact the Human Resources office at
585-475-2424 or email your request to Determinations
on requests for reasonable accommodation will be made on a
case-by-case basis.


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