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DeafDigest Gold – August 25, 2013

DeafDigest Gold – August 25, 2013

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The Stick `em Up Series is the fun way to learn sign language.

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“Learning Sign Language Rules!” (DVD425)
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This just in –

the said that Gallaudet offers one of the best online colleges in the nation in Math Degree Programs

Top stories about the deaf:

A new law is being proposed in California to provide
interpreters for patients that do not understand
English. This includes the deaf and their need for
ASL interpreters. Advocates are saying this proposed
law is weak.

Would You Hire a Deaf Nurse? it was an issue raised in a healthcare-based website. DeafDigest says this
question is absurd because deaf nurses do a great
job in any and all medical facilities.

At Chester Zoo in Cheshire, England, there is a large piece of art work on the walls. This art work
was done by Minerva Hussain. He is deaf and also has
Usher syndrome.

To mention the deaf of Corpus Christi, Texas is to mention Mary Wambach, the CEO of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Center. She is planning a big event on
November 23rd. First it will be the 5K Event and
followed up by series of other events. She wants
to make deafness a relevant thing in the city.

Andrew Phillips, who is deaf, and is an attorney, was recognized by the White House as Champion of Change. This was in conjunction with the ADA’s 23rd birthday.


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You are deaf and you are invited to a hearing party.
No one knows sign language and you feel out of place with
no one to talk to.
Your hearing friend is at the party but he is busy chatting
with other hearing people.
This hearing friend chats for a long time with another
hearing person. The conversation seems serious and important.
But when the party ends, the hearing person tells you
that the person he had a long conversation with is really
dumb, stupid and not too bright. The long conversation really
meant nothing.
How would you know about it? No way!

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A new addition to the list of European deaf royal family members
(Lady Stewart, Scotland)


A famous deaf artist is William Agnew. He is from
England and he died in 1914.
He became famous because of his paintings of Queen
Victoria using finger spelling to communicate with
a deaf woman.
Where are the paintings? No one can find these

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listing of states with direct deaf mental health programs

list is at:


Republican Cathy Dahlquist (Washington) has been honored by the
Washington State Association of the Deaf.
She proposed legislation (House Bill 1144) to establish standards
for sign language interpreters.

Adshel, the leading Australian advertising media, has
donated $362,000 (USA dollars) worth of outdoor billboard
ads for the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children.
Do our American deaf agencies get that much in free

(video with captions; may not work with iPads)

A deaf person, after years of being proud of their deafness,
changes his attitude

Do enjoy viewing that video! Sorry, this video may
not work with iPad.


Northwest Jersey Association of the Deaf


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The Atlantic magazine ran a story titled:

Understanding Deafness: Not Everyone Wants to Be ‘Fixed’

Fixed? There are two groups of deaf people. The first group
is able to discriminate sounds and voices. The second group
cannot. A CI may probably help the first group and may
probably not help the second group, unless they want to
hear the screaming, the yelling and the jet-like loud noises.



We specialize in remodeling bath and kitchen of
your dream throughout metro Washington, DC area.

This service is run by deaf owner with a mix of deaf and
hearing crews.

To learn more about this company at


Job opening
kitchen and bathroom installer
Northern VA, DC, and Maryland only

We are seeking kitchen and bathroom installer with a minimum of 5
years experience in demolition, plumbing, electricity, tiling, carpentry,
painting, flooring, and a good attitude.

All projects are in Northern VA, DC, and Maryland only.

Contact Elijah Gold at
or VP at 202-400-2655

…………………………………………………….. ……………………………………………………..

Deaf Pin of the Week

a picture of Deaf Universal Handshapes pin


Deaf Question of the Week:

Q. My hearing aid is broken. Should I buy a new one or repair it?

A. It all depends. Only you, not the audiologist or the hearing
aid professional can make the decision for you!

send your questions to

the most interesting questions may be answered in future DeafDigest editions. Thank you.


Rene Pellerin’s corner:

Return it to its place

When we need a specific item in a cabinet and find it is not there, our frustration level rises!

We may search some other possible places for this item, still to no avail!

For individuals who have Usher Syndrome, it is a hardship to search!

Remember, the funnel?  Put it over one eye, close the other eye,
and start looking!

It is a very frustrating task for us who are DeafBlind.

It is very important to return things to the same place.

Now where is the ……..

Rene’s show business is now entering its 3rd year and it
focuses on the Deaf-Blind.

You can email him at


Deaf Wish List of the Week:

that parents of the deaf in India would respect their
deaf children with respect and value them as family
members instead of babysitting them.



Year 1949 – the first strain of mumps vaccine came out;
since then deafness because of mumps have been on a
big decline


DeafNumbers of the Week:


deaf-blind people that live in the Acadiana region of
Louisiana, described in a recent newspaper story as the
world’s second largest concentration of deaf-blind

DeafDigest does not know which region has the world’s
largest concentration!


Deaf Collegiate Athletes:

Anderson (South Carolina) – Madison Taylor, fr, women’s soccer


Elite Deaf Athletes:

Lee Sandmeier, Knoxville, Iowa (not Tennessee) is deaf and currently
has a 9-0 record in Ultimate Fighting


Deaf Sports Library

remembering a special deaf football history

Nebraska SD (closed up in 1998) always had a football
team. Some seasons the team was strong; many other seasons
the team was weak, but football was always a major sport
on the campus

During the early sixties, the team suffered winless seasons.

One season, the team only had 9 players and the 9th player
was an undersized freshman. The team was killed in each

Then in 1968, the team was undefeated. Look at the scores:

Nebraska 39 Murdock 7
Nebraska 67 Fort Calhoun 13
Nebraska 25 West Kearney 20
Nebraska 39 Brownell-Talbert 34
Nebraska 39 Malcolm 32
Nebraska 51 Monroe 38
Nebraska 32 Craig 19
Nebraska 13 Waterloo 6

There were no state post season honors, no deaf publications honors;
just these memories cherished by members of that magical 1968 team!


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*  Community Advocate – Ventura

*  Health Educator – Los Angeles (Part-time)

*  Public Relations Director – Los Angeles

*  Bookkeeper – Los Angeles  (Part-time)

To learn more about the above positions at GLAD, please go
to our website:

If interested for any of these positions then please submit resume
and application to:

Jeff Fetterman
Human Resources Manager
Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.
2222 Laverna Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90041

V/TDD:  (323) 550-4207
Fax #:  (323) 550-4204



announcing openings
– Teacher Aide
– Floater

American School for the Deaf
West Hartford, CT

three vacancies

pre-K – 12

The American School for the Deaf is located on a 54 acre campus in West Hartford, Connecticut and originally established in 1817.

Primarily assists classroom teacher with development and implementation of daily instructional, supervisory, behavior and physical management activities.

Duties may include feeding student, changing diapers, assisting with feeding, cleaning food spills and changing clothes.  Must lift child if necessary and be able to physically transport reasonable distances.  Must be able to implement specialized lifting and walking strategies to include follow up on OT/PT strategies.   In addition to other duties as assigned, must be able to implement communication skills as per the IEP, including auditory training support, tactile communication and American Sign Language.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must possess a High School Diploma or equivalent certificate. Ability to secure CEASD (Dorm) certification as well.  Candidates a required to have a general knowledge of deafness and have an intermediate level of sign language capacity.


Send application or resume to:

Human Resources American School for the Deaf
139 North Main Street
West Hartford, CT  06107-1269

FAX (860) 570-1832

For a more detailed job description and application form, visit our website


position opening
Lead Interpreter
New England Homes for the Deaf
Danvers, MA

New England Homes for the Deaf has an opening a Lead Interpreter.  We are understanding and supportive of Deaf and Deafblind culture. We invite you to come and be a valued part of our team and assist us in further expanding and reaching our goals!

We operate a state-of-the-art independent living facility and rest home/skilled nursing center that meets the needs of Deaf and Deafblind seniors.

The Lead Interpreter will submit all requests via email/writing from department heads, with the exception of emergency/last minute needs.   The Lead Interpreter will also maintain a regularly updated calendar which shows booked interpreter requests and staff interpreter hours so department heads can manage their schedules accordingly.

Provide the interpretation needs for Deaf and Deafblind residents at NEHD
Supervise daily activities of Deaf Culture Coordinator and ASL Teachers.
Abide by the consumers ethics and confidentiality

Awareness and sensitivity of cultural and historical references in both deaf and hearing culture

Work with Deaf Culture Coordinator to set up monthly in-services promoting Deaf Culture and work with Activities to set up events for Deaf/Blind Awareness and Deaf Awareness week, etc.

Must be MCDHH Screened, NAD/RID Certification a plus.

For more information please visit us at

New England Homes for the Deaf, Inc.  is an equal opportunity employer and provides a drug free workplace.  Please email your resume to

You may also fax your resume to (978) 774-0271 or apply in person at 154 Water Street, Danvers, MA 01923.


Part-time Teaching Specialist – 2013-14
American Sign Language Program
Department of Educational Psychology
College of Education and Human Development
University of Minnesota
St. Paul, MN

The American Sign Language Program, Department of Educational
Psychology, College of Education and Human Development, invites
applications for part-time Teaching Specialist positions in the area
of American Sign Language.  Responsibilities will include teaching
American Sign Language (ASL 1701, 1702, 3703, and 3704) at the
undergraduate level as scheduled for Fall and/or Spring Semesters.
Individual(s) appointed will be expected to prepare content, evaluate
student performance, and to meet with individual students as needed.

Minimum qualifications for Assistant Ed Specialist Position:
·      BA/BS degree in ASL Studies, Deaf Studies, Linguistics or
related fields (candidates with BA/BS in other fields will be
considered only if that individual can provide evidence of three
years full-time teaching ASL using the Signing Naturally Curriculum)
·      Native or Native-like fluency in ASL

Preferred qualifications
·      MA/MS degree
·      Two years teaching ASL using Signing Naturally curriculum

Appointment Details:  The person hired will be appointed to a
part-time position as a Teaching Specialist beginning August 26,

Application Process:            The search committee will begin
review of applications for Spring appointments August 15, 2013.
Applicants must apply on-line through the University of Minnesota Job
Center at  Complete
applications will consist of a letter of application, curriculum
vita, official transcripts that substantiate degree and one letter of
recommendation by an individual who is familiar with the applicant’s
qualifications for this position.  Transcripts and letter of
recommendation may be attached with applicant’s on-line application
or sent to:

ASL Program Office c/o Sara Burrington
240 Vocational and Technical Education Building
1954 Buford Ave
St. Paul, MN 55108

(612) 624-1274

Any offer of employment is contingent upon the successful completion
of a background check. Our presumption is that prospective employees
are eligible to work here. Criminal convictions do not automatically
disqualify finalists from employment.

The University of Minnesota is committed to the policy that all
persons have equal access to its programs, facilities, and employment
without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, gender,
age, marital status, disability, public assistance, veteran status,
or gender orientation.


job opening
Behavior Specialist Consultants
Warwick Family Services
Philadelphia, PA (also Bucks County)

Warwick Family Services  is seeking Full Time Behavior Specialist Consultants for its Specialized Wraparound Programs in Philadelphia, PA.  These programs have been developed specifically for children and adolescents between the ages of 3 and 21 who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing and who have Autism Spectrum Disorder and who demonstrate significant related behavioral challenges.

The goal of these programs is to demonstrate and transfer effective intervention techniques to the child’s caregivers (parents, teachers and guardians) so that more productive and meaningful interactions with the child may occur.  Our treatment team will assess the clinical and behavioral needs of each child/family to create a plan to help the child and provide emotional support, which may include individual or family therapy when needed.  The Behavior Specialist’s primary function is to stabilize the child’s behavior and to be involved with the ongoing treatment. The specialist will take responsibility for formulating and implementing the treatment plan.  Cases are available in Philadelphia and Bucks Counties.

The Behavioral Specialist Consultant (BSC), in conjunction with the family, develops an individual treatment plan for the child. The treatment plan will incorporate the principles of Functional Behavioral Assessment and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and will focus on all systems in the client’s life (school, social, home etc) for the purpose of demonstrating and transferring the skills and techniques necessary to enable the client’s participation in those activities which their challenging behaviors may preclude.

Qualified Applicants will meet the following requirements:
1. Licensed psychologist or Master’s level mental health professional with documented training and experience in the field of behavior modification techniques, (minimum of 8 hours prior to hire,  8 hours annually thereafter).  PA BSC license, or licensing in process,  preferred.

2. Two (2) years verified post-Master’s experience providing mental health treatment to children, and at least one (1) year experience using behavior analysis/modification techniques.

3. Valid Child Abuse (Act 33), Criminal History (Act 34), and FBI clearances (when applicable).  Ability to pass a drug screen.

4. Meet all mandatory in-service training, education, and supervision requirements as set forth by  managed care entities.

5. Proficiency in American Sign Language (ASL).

To learn more about our specialized programs, please visit our website:

For immediate consideration, please forward your resume to


position opening
Property Manager
The Abused Deaf Women’s Advocacy Services
Seattle, WA

The Abused Deaf Women’s Advocacy Services (ADWAS) is a non-profit agency that serves Deaf and Deaf-Blind victims of domestic violence and gender assault, and provides prevention education to the general community.
The ADWAS Property Manager is responsible for the following duties:

o Provide oversight of inspection of facility, grounds and residential units
o Oversees the LLC budget
o Assure staff and resident compliance with Seattle Housing Authority policies
o Ensures compliance with Tax Credit Housing regulations, Seattle Housing Authority rules and guidelines, Washington State Landlord/Tenant Law, and other applicable rules, regulations and laws pertaining to providing subsidized housing
o Completes required paperwork and reports to housing funders and other entities accurately and in timely manner
o Manage lease and rules enforcements as established. Refer residents to appropriate service provider
o Develop and maintain procedure development and implementation
o Recruit tenants and market program by identifying recruitment materials. Select and screen for qualified tenants to ensure compliance with Seattle Housing Authority and Washington State Housing Finance Commission
o Oversees eviction proceedings, tenant grievances if necessary
o Work with Building Manager to identify, prioritize and evaluate/repairs and/or improvements for property
o Keeps open dialogue with Executive Director on vacancies, tenants, and physical condition of property
o On Call for Tenant Issues
o Assist Executive Director with special projects

Required Qualifications:
o Minimum of 2-3 years of office or program/project management experience
o Required to be detail oriented and organized
o Able to multi-task, work in a flexible, evolving environment
o B.A. degree (desired)
o Minimum of 2 years involvement in the Deaf or Deaf-Blind communities (paid or volunteer)
o Fluency in American Sign Language
o Experience and comfort working with people of diverse ethnic, religious, national, educational, disabilities and cultural backgrounds as well as people of all gender identities and preferences
o Understanding of the issues of gender assault and domestic violence
o Experience in providing support services, working as a team member, and computer use
o Required to take the ADWAS 50 hour training sessions within 6 months of hire

Responsible to: Executive Director
Salary is DOE; Medical dental and retirement package are offered. This is 40 hour non-exempt position.

Please send/email cover letter, resume and three reference letters by August 19th, 2013 to Tiffany Williams, or mail to:
ADWAS, 8623 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle WA 98115

ADWAS is an Equal Opportunity Employer


position opening
Mental Health Clinician (Mental Health Specialist) Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services Division
Minnesota Department of Human Services
position located in Duluth, Minnesota

$22.62 – $33.34 hourly ($47,231 – $ 69,614 annually)


Description of Work: This position provides culturally affirmative mental health services to deaf and hard of hearing adults coping with mental health issues in Duluth, MN and Northeast Minnesota. The main responsibility of the Mental Health Specialist is to provide psychotherapy/ counseling services and the remaining of time will include clinical case management/coordination, consultation, training, aftercare planning, and community placement assistance for deaf and hard of hearing adults. The candidate will be housed in Duluth and will travel in Northeast Minnesota on a regular basis.

Main Responsibilities: Provide direct mental health services (independently or with supervision) to deaf and hard-of-hearing adults and their families. Responsibilities include: individual/couples/family/group psychotherapy, intake evaluation, treatment planning, some clinical case management, inter-agency coordination, and psycho-education. Complete intake evaluations, treatment plans, progress notes, discharge summaries, and other reports as required. Some consultation duties are also involved (in-services and workshops on Deaf culture and mental health). Maintain close contact with local acute psychiatric units and group homes ensuring that their services are accessible for deaf and hard-of-hearing clients. Assist in client capacity building in the regions covered.

Preferred Qualifications:
Fluency in American Sign Language (ASL)

Master’s Degree in Counseling, Psychology, Social Work or behavioral-health related field

At least 2 years advanced profession experience, OR 1 year advanced professional experience plus 2 years professional experience providing direct mental health services to deaf and hard of hearing individuals Licensed or license-eligible for LPC, LPCC, LP, LICSW or LMFT in the state of Minnesota

Knowledge of clinical/crisis interventions and psychiatric medications

Ability to provide consultation services to mental health care organizations

Ability to complete required reports, case files, and other paperwork duties accurately and in a timely manner Ability to multi-task and cope under stressful circumstances

Excellent client advocacy and interpersonal skills

Thorough knowledge of relevant professional codes of ethics and DSM diagnoses

Fully competent in Deaf and hearing cross-cultures
Willingness to perform some duties at remote work sites, involving some statewide travel

Experienced or familiar with a statewide system of mental health services Knowledge of the video technology used by deaf and hard-of-hearing people

What’s Good About This Job?
Are you looking for an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others using your expertise in mental health, ASL, and Deaf Culture? We seek an enthusiastic and innovative mental health clinician to provide services to deaf, deafblind, and hard-of-hearing adults coping with mental health issues in Northeast Minnesota. These services will enable deaf clients to freely access culturally affirmative mental health services in their home communities. In addition to counseling individual deaf and hard-of-hearing clients, the Mental Health Specialist may also work with couples, families, and groups when available. This position will work with a team of professional colleagues based at the DHHSD Northeast Regional Office in Duluth, MN and will travel across 7 area counties.

Duluth, Minnesota:
Duluth is located on the north shore of beautiful Lake Superior. Duluth is also accessible to ocean-going vessels from the Atlantic Ocean 2,300 miles away via the Great Lakes and the Saint Lawrence Seaway. As one of the major tourist destinations for the Midwest, Duluth features America’s only all-freshwater aquarium, the Great Lakes Aquarium; the Aerial Lift Bridge, which spans the Duluth Ship Canal into the Duluth-Superior Harbor, and Minnesota Point (known as Park Point locally). Minnesota is considered one of the top 10 healthiest and active places in the country. It has the most golf courses per capita in the country and is truly an outdoor paradise with over 12,000 lakes and beautiful forests.


PAHrtners Deaf Services is Hiring!

PAHrtners Deaf Services is a dynamic team of behavioral health
professionals serving Deaf and Hard of Hearing children and adults.
We take great pride that our program is strongly Deaf/HOH centered
with about 85% of our staff being Deaf or Hard of Hearing.  Our staff
environment is one of incredible teamwork and mutual support.  As a
result, we are rapidly growing with new programs and expansions of
our existing programs.  Whether you are a high school graduate,
recent college graduate or have many years’ experience in the field
of human services we have a career building position waiting for
you!  E.O.E.

PAHrtners is looking for dedicated, motivated, energetic individuals
who are fluent in American Sign Language and knowledgeable about Deaf
Culture and the Deaf Community to fill the following positions:

Job Title:
Residential Program Director

Glenside, PA

Employee Type:
Full Time

Position supervises all residential sites and program personnel.
This senior position provides program coverage, assists in completing
staff schedules, secures shift coverage and monitors/limits
overtime.  Other duties include: developing/monitoring the annual
budget while approving expenditures; ensuring individual health needs
are met by reviewing and assisting with the coordination of medical,
dental and   psychotherapy services and corresponding transportation;
confirming homes and vehicles are maintained and operated in a clean,
safe and secure manner.  This position also monitors and participates
in the completion of required documents, including but not limited
to: daily logs, medication logs, medical appointment forms, monthly
and quarterly reports, incident reports, fire drill reports,
behavioral data reports, goal plan forms, petty cash auditing forms,
etc.  This position is responsible for recruiting, interviewing,
hiring, orienting, training, evaluating and disciplining residential
support staff while also ensuring staff perform all assigned duties.

A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in the human services field along
with two years’ experience as a program director, or three years of
experience in a managerial level position in the human services field
working with individuals with intellectual disabilities and/or
behavioral health disorders.  Advanced fluency in ASL required.

Job Title:
Case Manager

Glenside, PA

Employee Type:
Full time position

This position provides resources and support to clients and their
families who reside in the community and in our residential programs.
Duties: assess service needs of individuals to ensure continuum of
care; develop service plans; provide independent living skills
instructions; advocate for access to public and private programs such
as medical and vocational services.

BA/BS degree in a human services field preferred; or high school
diploma + 12 credit hours in social science with two years’
behavioral health direct care experience. Must have strong
organizational skills, fluency in ASL and familiarity with other
visual communication modes and language levels. Must be willing to
work some evenings and weekends as needed and travel to various areas
in the community. Knowledge of laws governing the rights of Deaf and
Hard of Hearing individuals including IDEA and ADA a plus; must have
a valid driver’s license.

Job Title:
Residential Counselors

Glenside, PA

Employee Type:
Various positions available

This position provides direct client services, including: encouraging
client independence, assisting in daily living skills training and
aiding in community integration. Duties: provide supported living and
training to Deaf consumers with behavioral health and/or intellectual
disabilities living in the community; promote consumers’ independence
and social relationships.  Positions open for weekend and evening

HS diploma + one year related experience; valid driver’s license;
advanced fluency in ASL; demonstrated competency in independent
living skills; ability to teach, advise and motivate Deaf consumers;
strong interpersonal skills.

Job Title:
Staff Interpreter

Glenside, PA

Employee Type:
Full time position

This position provides interpreting services for: emergency
situations, mental health evaluations, staff meetings, home visits
with Deaf children and adults and community meetings.  Must be able
to work with a team of hearing and/or Deaf interpreters.

AA degree with a minimum of three years’ interpreting experience OR
BA degree in Interpreting with one year of experience.  Knowledge of
mental health disorders and/or developmental disabilities a plus.
Some evening and weekend work and local travel required.  Compliance
with PA Act 57 (Certified & Registered with ODHH) also required.

Send your letter of intent and resumes to:

Linda Claypool, Office Manager/HR
PAHrtners Deaf Services,
614 N. Easton Road,
Glenside, PA 19038

Email:  Fax: 215-884-6301

Visit us at:

Like us on Facebook:


Deaf Services at Advocates – Now Hiring!
Framingham, MA


Deaf Services at Advocates – Now Hiring!
We are seeking Deaf and/or ASL fluent applicants for a variety of positions to support people who are Deaf and who have developmental disabilities, psychiatric diagnoses and mobility restrictions (Mental and/or Physical Challenges).

Positions include awake overnights,  day and evening direct service workers, senior counselors, outreach workers and clinical program managers.

Enjoy a career within a communication friendly environment, recovery-oriented, person centered human services agency with competitive salaries, attractive benefits, career advancement and an excellent communication access department.

Advocates offers a comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental and life insurance, tuition reimbursement, 410(k) plan and a six-week holiday/vacation package.

Advocates is an EOE committed to employing a diverse workforce.

For over 30 years, Advocates has been providing high quality, community based supports across Eastern and Central Massachusetts.  Over 1000 dedicated staff offer a broad range of services including residential supports, outpatient mental health and substance abuse services, psychiatric emergency services, home-based services for children and families, community justice services, advocacy and benefits services, family supports, employment and vocational services and day habilitation

Services are available for elders, families and individuals with mental health challenges, chemical dependency, developmental and intellectual disabilities, autism and pervasive development disabilities, brain injuries and other life challenges.

Advocates is a nationally recognized provider for adults with Prader-Willi Syndrome, Deaf and Hard of Hearing adults with disabilities and individuals with developmental disabilities and co-occurring mental health needs. Our culturally sensitive programs and supports serve individuals and families from diverse backgrounds.

Please send your resume to

Susan Nathan
Human Resources Recruitment Manager
One Clarks Hill Framingham, MA. 01702

office 508 628-6408
blackberry 774 279-0419


Arizona Center for Disability Law Part-Time Staff Attorney
The Arizona Center for Disability Law is seeking a part-time staff attorney to provide legal services for persons who are deaf and hard of hearing. Funding for this position is provided by the Arizona Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Cover letter and resume can be submitted to

Academic Staff Sign Language Interpreter (Student Services Specialist)
Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD)
The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater seeks an Academic Staff Sign Language Interpreter responsible for providing interpreter services in a post-secondary setting.  Duties will include interpreting and/or transliterating classroom instruction, academically related requirements beyond the classroom, co-curricular activities, job related accommodations for staff, visitors and CSD sponsored events, and a variety of assignments related to campus departments and partners. Minimum Qualifications:  A Bachelor.s Degree from an accredited post-secondary institution required; an Associate.s Degree, when combined with relevant certification and years of experience may be considered. Current RID Certification or NAD Certification is required.  Eligible for or hold current Wisconsin Sign Language Interpreter State License. Certificate of completion or equivalent, form an accredited interpreter training program is required or relevant experience may be considered. Excellent organizational, time management and communication skills.
Preferred Qualifications:  Two years or more proven experience interpreting with Deaf and Hard of Hearing people in a post-secondary setting.
Criminal Background Check Required.
Position:  This position is a 75 . 100% renewable position with a starting date of November 1, 2013 or as soon as possible.  The salary is based on experience  and skills.
Application:  Submit cover letter, copy of interpreter certification/license, resume and names, addresses and phone numbers of at least three references.  Only electronic applications are accepted and can be sent to   Questions may be sent to Scott Ritter, Associate Director,  Center for Students with Disabilities, Andersen Library room 2002, 800 West Main Street, Whitewater, WI 53190 or faxed to (262) 472-4865.  For further information call (262) 472-4711.
Priority will be given to complete applications received by August 30, 2013.  This position is considered open until filled.
The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer, and actively seeks and encourages applications from women, people of color, persons with disabilities, and all veterans.  Names of applicants may be disclosed unless requested otherwise.  Names of finalist will be released.
Founded in 1868, UW-Whitewater is the premier public regional university with an enrollment of 12,043 students in 50 undergraduate majors, 11 master.s degree programs, and one specialist degree program.  It offers high-quality career-oriented programs integrated with a model general education curriculum.  UW-Whitewater is part of the 26-campus University of Wisconsin System.  Located in a community of 14,769 residents near the scenic Kettle Moraine State Forest in southeastern Wisconsin, Whitewater is within convenient driving distance to the metropolitan areas of Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago.


Provide support services to adults who are deaf or hard of hearing with medical and rehabilitative needs and developmental disabilities in Franklin & Grand Isle counties. Candidate will be responsible for coordinating services with the Team Leader through a client-centered approach and facilitating the communication and arrangements necessary for high-quality consumer satisfaction. This individual must be proficient in American Sign Language to the highest degree. A clear understanding and support of the dual cultures within NCSS is expected and necessary. A reliable, personal car is necessary for travel. This is a full-time position and the schedule is M-F with some evenings. A Bachelor’s Degree in a related human services field and at least one year of experience are preferred.

To apply, please email your resume and cover letter to

Northwestern Counseling & Support Services, Inc.
107 Fisher Pond Road
St. Albans, VT 05478


the Position of

Student Educational Services Aide

Location:        Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind Announcement No. 47-13

Millcreek Elementary School Classroom Schedule B

3761 South 1100 East DPR 50892/5220

Salt Lake City, UT   84106

JOB SUMMARY  Provides field support to blind and visually impaired students who may have additional disabilities, such as autism, behavior issues, etc.; provides direct supportive instruction to blind and visually impaired students without daily supervision/intervention of assigned Teacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI); provides one-on-one educational support and assistance to students; provides assistance to classroom teacher as appropriate; provides Braille instruction, both contracted and uncontracted; provides Braille and tactile graphic material preparation for all levels of students (academic to severe); assists in determining/distinguishing students’ needs and provides instruction in the proper use of low vision aids, classroom accommodations, etc.; meets with classroom teachers, administrators, and parents, when appropriate/as directed by TVI, and assists the TVI in meeting the requirements of the Individual Education Plan (IEP); performs other duties as assigned.


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