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DeafDigest Gold – June 13, 2010

DeafDigest Gold - June 13, 2010

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devices.  Our law firm is expanding its litigation against Advanced
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children and adults.

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Hot Deaf News during the week:

- Hot Newspaper stories during the week:

A special lighting system helps deaf driver win a NASCAR race

Weather text messages possibly helping the deaf in the future

- Very Hot News

    Some DeafDigest subscribers, especially those in Florida,
love to eat products by Gilda Crackers. It was just learned that
Jeannice Blazquez, the family business vice president, is deaf.
    As it is a family business, the president is a family member.
There are many family-run businesses that would not give deaf
family members a break in the business. The Gilda Crackers
is an exception - along with few other family-run businesses.
    Jeannice signs fluently. The company product is distributed
mostly in Florida, but is also distributed nationally via selected

- Thursday June 10th

    India, for so many untold years, discriminated heavily against
the deaf. Hopefully this may change, in baby steps, if not
    The government has just installed a deaf person in a new
committee that will work on a new disability act (think "ADA").
    It is great that the deaf have voice in drafting regulations
instead of having the hearing decide what is best for the deaf.

- Friday June 11th

    Employment being shaky in American Samoa because of limited
opportunities, the deaf natives may be heartened to learn of
good news by McDonald's burger chain.
    It was announced by McDonald's vice president Larry Sanitoa
that this fast food outlet is seeking to hire the deaf and to
train its existing employees on how to communicate in signs.

- Saturday June 12th

    There is a good number of deaf people living in the
Jacksonville, Florida area. Yet, the Baptist Medical Center
may not know how to deal with deaf patients. Three
incidents took place:

- a patient, asking for an interpreter, was given a stuffed

- the hospital staff had a list of interpreters on call, but
lost the list!

- emergency staff shouted out the name of a deaf patient, but
no one told the staff that she is deaf.

    Because of these mishaps, the hospital has been served with
lawsuit papers.

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Deaf Miscellaneous stuff:

Deaf fans that follow World Cup soccer on TV can do so with
captions. The site at is showing live
broadcast captions


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    This is a true story. DeafDigest will not mention
the person's name or location to save that person
    This deaf person applied for a job at an agency
serving the deaf. That deaf person is skilled in
signing ASL, and also skilled in understanding ASL.
    That person did not get the job. Why? Because
he required CART services during the interview.
    It was an insult to the interview panel because
there already was an interpreter.
    So, if you are looking for a job, just be careful
with requesting accommodations to make sure it is

- for ASL News version, please click on the arrow at:

(for your convenience, video links are posted on top
of each DeafDigest edition)

    Deaf people always look at hearing people's
faces for their expressions.
    Are they happy? Are they sad? Are they
angry? Etc.
    If a hearing person's face shows anger, then
deaf person must decide why he is angry.
    Is he angry about dealing with a deaf person
or is he always angry at everybody?
    If he is always angry at everybody, then deafness has nothing to do
with it. But if he is
angry at the deaf person, then it is an issue.

- for ASL News version, please click on the arrow at:

(for your convenience, video links are posted on top
of each DeafDigest edition)

    A former McDonald's employee is deaf. He shared
with DeafDigest two concerns:

- are the store managers really training his employees
on how to deal with deaf patrons? Yes, McDonald's has it
in their employee manuals, but still - are these
employees being trained?

- some McDonald's outlets are going through facelifts.
Whereas the older outlet may have special drive-ins
that would accommodate the deaf, some "temporary"
drive-ins are not deaf-friendly.

    He stressed that his concerns also go for other
fast food chains.

    The highly controversial Rush Limbaugh, who lost
his hearing before CI "rescued" him, has a confession.
    He never appreciated music while being hearing much
of his life. And now with his CI, he is not able to
learn how to appreciate music!

    As long as there are people that are deaf and that
there are police officers around there will always
be issues.
    Police officers are taught how to deal with
different kinds of people, the deaf included.
    Yet it may not always stop these police officers
from overreacting.
    An example in point - DeafDigest editor was
driving a car that was following a car driven by
a deaf friend.
    Both cars were stopped at the traffic light.
While waiting for the light to change, there was
a short and quick sign language communication
between both drivers signing with hands hanging
over the car windows.
    A nearby police officer saw this episode,
and ran over and demanded to know what was going on!
    It was explained to him that it was sign language
used by the deaf. The police officer then left but
with a very dirty look on his face. Signing while
waiting for light to change is not a crime.

    Sometimes a deaf person can't win! You are with an
interpreter and communicating with a hearing person,
who has never dealt with a deaf person in his life.
    You watch the interpreter to see what the hearing
person was saying. Some hearing people don't like it,
thinking it is rude.
    Can't always win.

    How is deafness defined? No two audiologists agree on
what defines deafness.
    Is it in categories of hearing loss - profound, severe,
moderate and mild?
    Or does it have something to do with frequencies one
hears at - 500 Hz, 1000 Hz and 2000 Hz or even 3000 Hz?
    Or even of these "favorable" ranges - 0 to 25 dB
where hearing people cannot hear?
    Said an audiologist:

Definitions made 60 years ago are not valid these days

    We have many, many organizations, both national and
local, that serve deaf and hard of hearing people.
    One such organization is:

Deafness Research Foundation

For the organization goals and objectives and its web site,
click on:


all I hear is loud noises with my hearing aid


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Many older people have considerable hearing loss, but are
not deaf

Huh !  Considerable means "a lot" - and if a person has "a lot" hearing
loss, that person is, indeed, deaf !


Weitz & Luxenberg P.C., a leading plaintiffs' litigation law firm,
is expanding litigation against Advanced Bionics related to defective
cochlear implants. If you believe that you may have received an
"Important Notification" letter from Advanced Bionics about your
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you to contact us to receive important legal information - even if you
CI is working. Many of our clients' cochlear implants stopped working
prematurely as described in the letter. We have a Deaf attorney and VP

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With  enthusiasm from Mike Tuccelli AKA DrSign or DrASL -- two-time
Teacher of  the Year at the University of  Florida


Hot DeafNews boring, but important!

Andrew J. Imparato, president, American Association for People
with Disabilities, in his newsletter editorial, has expressed
fears that because many states are broke, community-based
services are being abolished. This would leave the disabled,
the deaf included, out in the cold.


Deaf Picture of the Week:

A special collar that is supposed to help the deaf to hear


Deaf Question of the Week:

Q. I heard about Laurent, South Dakota, becoming
a sign-language town. That was about few years ago.
What happened?

A. Do click on:,_South_Dakota

send your questions to

the most interesting questions may be answered in future DeafDigest
editions. Thank you.


Wish List of the Week:

that the NAD Conference be a smash success and that a way
would be found for NAD to pull itself out of its financial


DeafHistory - Looking Back:

Year 1951 - James Duthie, a deaf man from Scotland, rode on
his bicycle all the way from his hometown to the Arctic
Circle. The trip took 1,500 miles.


Deaf and the Money:


the amount of money Cochlear America has agreed to pay to
settle claims that this company paid off doctors and
health care providers to get business from them


DeafNumbers of the Week:


the number of graduates the Clarke School has claimed to have

(editor's note: DeafDigest will not call it the Clarke School
for Hearing and Speech, but Clarke School for the Deaf,
out of respect for a good number of DeafDigest subscribers,
many of them ASL-signing leaders in the deaf community
that graduated from this famous oral school)



Daniel Coehlo's speech (deaf CI surgeon in Virginia)

for a listing of deaf reference & library resources,

(examples are listing of elected deaf officials, listing of
deaf Nobel Prize winners, etc; list will be added on a
gradual basis - so do check this site from time to time)


Selected top deaf sports stories from DeafDigest Sports

A Ryan Ketchner write up

A Greg Gunderson write up (auto racer in South Dakota)

DeafDigest Sports is also distributed by DeafDigest
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for list of deaf collegiate athletes:



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position announcement
Executive Director
Abused Deaf Women's Advocacy Services (ADWAS)
Seattle, WA

Calling for dynamic and visionary leadership at
Abused Deaf Women's Advocacy Services (ADWAS),
Seattle, WA

The Executive Director position announcement is now
posted on the ADWAS website:

Deadline: July 30, 2010


position announcement
Case Management Specialist
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Advocacy Resource Center
position based in Las Vegas, Nevada

ORGANIZATION: The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Advocacy Resource Center
(DHHARC) is a statewide advocacy, resource, telecommunications
distribution, and direct service center offering advocacy, referral and
community education services throughout Nevada.  DHHARC has two offices in
Reno/Sparks and Las Vegas.

Type of appointment: Full-Time
Location: Position available in Las Vegas
Posting date: June 8, 2010
Closing date: June 22, 2010

Individual will conduct advocacy activities that will ensure a higher
quality of life for clients with specific focus on mental health and
counseling areas.  Individual will also promote equitable access to
medical, education, social, employment and legal services.  In addition,
Individual will provide communication assistance/translation services as
well as ensure that appropriate information pertaining to individual
client’s needs is accurately met.  Individual will provide accurate
Identification/assessment of clients’ telecommunication needs and will
conduct appropriate equipment distribution tailored to the needs of the
client.  Will coordinate training/mentoring activities for general public
and the client DHHARC serves and will conduct developmental and implement
program activities for DHHARC.  Willingness to conduct outreach/education
responsibilities as assigned.  Willingness to travel is essential as well
as work evening and weekend hours when needed.  Ability to work
independently as well as a team is essential.

SALARY: $36,244 - $37,694 DOE, plus customary benefits.

- Knowledge of counseling techniques
- Knowledge of mental health service delivery models
- Knowledge of advocacy techniques
- Knowledge of Civil Rights Laws
- Maintain effective record keeping practices

- Two years experience working with hard of hearing and/or deaf
populations in a social service sector setting

- Knowledgeable about diversity and needs within the Hard of Hearing
and Deaf populations

- Knowledge of all telecommunication equipment, the Relay system and
related services

- Ability to evaluate and assess consumer needs
- Familiar with (or willing to learn) Case-management practices.

- Bachelor's of Arts Degree Preferred, but will accept Associate of
Arts Degree with 3 years of experience working with Hard of Hearing and
Deaf populations

- Ability to effectively communicate with a variety of persons with
communication disorders. (i.e., hard of hearing, deaf, speech disabled
and late-deafened)

All applicants must submit a letter of interest, a resume and three
letters of reference to:
999 Pyramid Way,
Sparks, NV 89431.

Applications must be received by 5:00 pm on or before the closing date
(June 22, 2010)

DHHARC selects applicants for employment based on job related knowledge,
skills and abilities without regard to race, color, gender, national
origin, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, or political

For further information contact Executive Director Edina Jambor at or 775-355-8994 V/TTY or 775-355-8996
FAX or 775-434-0290 VP


faculty position
Tenure Track Faculty Position/Technology Access Program Director
Gallaudet University
Washington, DC

Department:  Communication Studies/Technology Access Program

This is a tenure track position for a faculty member whose primary area of
responsibility is research (at the investigator or principal investigator
level), acquisition and management of research grants, and supervision of
staff and students toward effective completion of research and related
outcomes.  The focus of the research is accessibility and usability of
communication technologies by deaf and hard of hearing people. The
teaching load of this position, while it may vary depending on the
research load, is one course per year.  Responsibilities include assuming
project responsibilities and management in the conduct of a grant already
underway in this department (Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on
Telecommunications Access, 2009-2014).  This RERC project is a subgrant
from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Trace R&D Center, and is funded
by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research.  For
an overview of the center grant, see:

Rank and salary at time of appointment will be commensurate with
qualifications and experience, at assistant professor or above.  Credit
for time in rank and progress toward tenure may be awarded at the time of
hire, depending on qualifications.  Due to the heavy emphasis on sponsored
research in a center-grant environment, this is an 11-month appointment.

The Technology Access Program (TAP) has been a thriving endeavor of
Gallaudet University since 1985.  The program has had ongoing sponsored
program (grant) support throughout its existence, as well as support from
Gallaudet University through the faculty appointment of its director.  The
program currently consists of the faculty director and 2.75 experienced
research staff, whose time is divided among three grants (the RERC on
Telecommunications Access, the RERC on Hearing Enhancement, a project of
Gallaudet’s Department of Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences; and the
Visual Languages and Learning Science of Learning Center), as well as
teaching of undergraduate courses.  On average, two students per year,
usually one graduate and one undergraduate student, work in the TAP as
well.  Members of TAP have received numerous awards for their contribution
to accessibility of communications.  The program is highly collaborative,
interdisciplinary, efficient, and outcome-oriented.  TAP is part of the
undergraduate Department of Communication Studies and the director is a
faculty member in that department.

1. Ph.D. with research orientation.  Because this is an
interdisciplinary center, we are open to considering candidates with a
range of educational backgrounds (e.g., engineering, psychology/human
factors, management-related advanced degrees, public policy), if the
candidate has proven track record of active research and publication prior
to application and meets the other qualifications.

2. Communication competence in ASL that is sufficient for
conversation is necessary to begin work in this position, and a commitment
to rapid improvement in signing skills is essential if the candidate is
not fully fluent at time of hire.  Note that to acquire tenure at
Gallaudet, faculty must pass a proficiency exam in American Sign Language.

3. Evidence of strong interest in the accessibility of society to
people who are deaf and hard of hearing, and strong knowledge in this

4. Evidence of participation in acquisition of sponsorship for
university research.

Other characteristics desirable in a candidate:
1. Evidence of success in acquisition of grants through independent
securing of grant(s) or contribution to writing of grants.

2. Evidence of competency in teaching at the undergraduate or
graduate level.

3. Evidence of supervisory and/or mentoring ability.

4. Evidence of management competency.

5. Evidence of collaborative work, e.g., with consumers, industry,
university personnel, and government personnel.

Application deadline: We will begin reviewing applications immediately and
will continue to receive and review applications until the position is

Starting date:  August 15, 2010.

To apply: Send a letter of application, curriculum vita, graduate
transcript, and contact information for three references.  The letter of
application must make reference to the applicant’s experience with
American Sign Language to date.  The application will be screened and
interviews may be conducted prior to receipt of the transcript, but the
transcript is required before a final decision will be made.  Send these

Dr. Judy Harkins, Director
Technology Access Program
Gallaudet University
800 Florida Avenue, NE
SLCC 1116
Washington, DC 20002

Gallaudet University serves deaf and hard of hearing students from many
different backgrounds and seeks to develop a workforce that reflects the
diversity of its student body. Gallaudet is an equal employment
opportunity/affirmative action employer and actively encourages deaf, hard
of hearing, members of traditionally underrepresented groups, people with
disabilities, women, and veterans to apply for open positions.


Community Support Provider
Washington, DC

Full time

Hearing impaired and minority persons encouraged to apply

Full-time Community Support Provider responsible for provision of
Community Support Services/Case Management services to mentally ill
deaf adults in  the community. Flexible hours and benefits.

Prefer Master's degree in Counseling, Social Work or equivalent
field; prefer one year experience in mental health, case management
and supportive counseling; fluency in sign language and knowledgeable
about  psycho-social aspects of deafness. Valid Driver's  license

$32,000-$36,000;  benefits include health, dental and leave

Send or fax resume to :

Laurie Hooper, Clinical Director
3521 12th Street, NE
Washington, DC 20017


Fax 202-832-8454


seeking applications
BC/BE Child/Adolescent/Adult Psychiatrist
Deaf Services Center
in the Philadelphia suburbs (Pennsylvania)

Deaf Services Center, a dynamic team of behavioral health professionals
serving Deaf and hard of hearing children and adults is seeking a BC/BE
Child/Adolescent/Adult Psychiatrist

Full or Part time - no weekend hours

no on call.

Work directly with emotionally disturbed deaf/hard of hearing
children and their families from a diverse cultural and clinical

Adults with a range of diagnoses are also served by our program.

Our team of professionals includes American Sign Language interpreters and
deaf staff who can support a psychiatrist who is interested in working
with this unique population and program

Responsible for evaluations and medication management.

Located in the Philadelphia suburbs.

Send resume to:

or contact Wendy Heines at 215-884-9770.


position availability
Educational Sign Language Interpreter
Chadron Public Schools
Chadron, Nebraska

Educational Sign Language Interpreter for Middle School needed
for 2010-11 school year.

ASL preferred.

Minimum requirements include HS Diploma/GED and 3.5 competency
level on the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA)
or 4.0 competency level on either the National Association of the
Deaf (NAD) or the Quality Assurance Screening Test (QAST) or hold a
Registry of Interpreters of the Deaf Certification (RID).

Salary commensurate with experience and qualifications.

Contact Lou Alcorn, Special Education Director, Chadron Public Schools,
at 308-432-0717.


position opening Director/Assistant Dean for Access Services
Rochester Institute of Technology
National Technical Institute for the Deaf
Director/Assistant Dean for Access Services NTID Access Services
Rochester, NY

The Director/Assistant Dean for Access Services provides strategic
leadership to and direction for the Institute’s access service functions
serving deaf and hard-of-hearing students, faculty/staff and visitors.

- PhD or EdD in educational administration/leadership, special education,
communication needs/assessment and similar programs.

- Minimum ten years experience in management responsibilities in secondary
and/or post-secondary education.

- A superior level of knowledge and skill in American Sign Language and
Deaf Culture.

- Ability to implement both strategic and tactical plans for Access

- Ability to effectively collaborate with institutional and external
research and development programs.

- Ability to demonstrate competencies using shared governance processes
and/or participative involvement in decision-making opportunities.

The Rochester Institute of Technology is an equal opportunity/affirmative
action employer.  Members of protected classes and individuals with the
ability to contribute in meaningful ways to the university’s continuing
commitment to cultural diversity, pluralism, and individual differences
are encouraged to send an application.

See detailed job description at our website under the IRC #38360.  Your
application and any relevant documentation such as resume and cover letter
should be uploaded via this website in order to be
considered for any positions you are interested in.


job announcement
Assistant Director for Instruction
Georgia School for the Deaf
Cave Spring, GA

for position description and application procedures, please click on:


job announcement
Graduation Coach
Georgia School for the Deaf
Cave Spring, GA

for position description and application procedures, please click on:


job announcement
Literary Content Specialist
Georgia School for the Deaf
Cave Spring, GA

for position description and application procedures, please click on:


job announcement
Teacher (High School English/Language Arts)
Georgia School for the Deaf
Cave Spring, GA

for position description and application procedures, please click on:


job announcement
Teacher (High School Math)
Georgia School for the Deaf
Cave Spring, GA

for position description and application procedures, please click on:


job announcement
Substitute Teacher (Part-Time/Hourly)
Georgia School for the Deaf
Cave Spring, GA

for position description and application procedures, please click on:


(updated June 13th)


- Network I.T. Administrator - Los Angeles, CA

- Community Advocate - Riverside, CA

To learn more about the above positions at GLAD, please go
to our website:

If interested for any of these positions then please submit resume
and application to:

Jeff Fetterman
Human Resources Specialist
Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.
2222 Laverna Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90041

V/TDD:  (323) 550-4207
Fax #:  (323) 550-4204



Special Notes:

Copyright 2010 by Barry Strassler, DeafDigest.

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