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DeafDigest Gold – May 26, 2013

DeafDigest Gold – May 26, 2013

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Fingerspelled Word Recognition through Rapid Serial Visual Presentation

Harris Communications is pleased to introduce a one-of-a-kind sign language program that is the key to unlocking the mystery of understanding fingerspelling.

“Fingerspelled Word Recognition through Rapid Serial Visual Presentation” (BDVD223) leads you through the theory behind fingerspelling, provides you with abundant practice and rewards you with improved recognition of fingerspelled words.

Available at Harris Communications for $64.95, this product includes a 185-page book, CD-ROM and DVD (no audio).

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Top stories about the deaf:

Anna Gilmore Hall is the new Executive Director of the Hearing Loss Association of America. She replaces Brenda Battat, who has retired. She is relatively unknown
among organizations of the deaf and of the hard of
hearing and of the late deafened.

Deaf people happy with ambulance service? The
East Midlands Ambulance Service is asking
the deaf community for their opinion. It is in
Great Britain, not in USA.

Too much politics in Deaf Pageants? Director Nokuthula Mbatha
quit her job, complaining of too much interference by the
Swaziland National Council of Arts and Culture. The director
had been accused of trying to make a profit out of this
annual cultural event.

The school districts of Lancaster County in Pennsylvania
has shown frustration in dealing with rising costs of
special education even though there has been a decline
in special education students!

Cheryl Cullen, who is not deaf, has been honored at the
Microsoft Dynamics Change Ambassadors Awards ceremony
in Great Britain. She was praised for finding jobs for over
250 deaf people through her jobs placement company.


Teaching Positions Available at a Two-Week Sign Language Summer Day

Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf has openings for two teachers for
our Summer Sign Camp for Hearing Kids. The camp runs July 8-12 and
July 15-19 from 8AM to 4PM. Candidates must be very enthusiastic and
enjoy teaching beginning and intermediate ASL to hearing children
ages 8 to 16 years old.  Prior experience in teaching ASL preferred.

Additional information on the camp can be found at

Candidates should send their resumes to


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Read What They Say

Unlock the phone with CapTel® Captioned Telephone! CapTel shows word-for-word
captions of everything a caller says over the phone, letting you read everything
that they say. Like captions on TV – for the phone!

Captions are provided by a free relay service, no monthly fees or contracts

For more information or to order call 1-800-233-9130 V/TTY or visit:

For more info about CapTel or any of the many assistive listening devices we
offer, email:

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CapTel® Captioned Telephone – See What Everyone is Talking About!


DeafDigest editor remembers the old days when we had
no TTY relay systems.
He had to depend on a hearing person at work to make
voice calls for him.
The hearing person did a great job. But DeafDigest
editor stopped using him. Why?
Because the hearing person was very nosey; wanted to know
more about that call few days later – such as “how was
your appointment with the dentist?”  or “how was the party
that you were invited to?” etc, etc.
It was uncomfortable asking him to make any more phone calls!

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A big RID announcement


There is a web site of a business owned by a deaf man.
He went to NTID. The web site said he went to RIT, but not
mentioning NTID. Yes, we know that NTID is under RIT.
He is successful – but it is hard to know about him.
Does he function as a hearing person? Or does he speak
very well as a deaf person? Or does he use gestures
with hearing people? Or does he have a hearing assistant?
Still don’t know!

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Places outside of USA with deaf name


A big newspaper story was written up about the difficulties of
deaf students passing their exams. And it has nothing to do with
their own academic skills.
The big reason is lack of interpreters. Said an angry deaf student:

There was no one to help me understand what was happening in the class
and after I failed to pass my exams, I decided to quit school

The nation is India, or more specifically, the schools in the
Bangalore area.

A contest that took place in Singapore is called  Start-Up@Singapore.
Goal is to invent something that will help the disabled or the aging.
One of the winners was a device to help deaf parents keep track
of their children’s whereabouts.
Exactly what it was? The newspaper did not elaborate on the story.

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not work with iPad.


Nevada Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing


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a newspaper story said:

Scientists move a step closer to a cure for deafness

scientists say that all the time when they think they
find a new cure!



We specialize in remodeling bath and kitchen of
your dream throughout metro Washington, DC area.

This service is run by deaf owner with a mix of deaf and
hearing crews.

To learn more about this company at


Job opening
kitchen and bathroom installer
Northern VA, DC, and Maryland only

We are seeking kitchen and bathroom installer with a minimum of 5
years experience in demolition, plumbing, electricity, tiling, carpentry,
painting, flooring, and a good attitude.

All projects are in Northern VA, DC, and Maryland only.

Contact Elijah Gold at
or VP at 202-400-2655

…………………………………………………….. ……………………………………………………..

Deaf Question of the Week:

Q. Why is it important that interpreters be certified?

A. Not only to evaluate sign language skills but also
to make sure they know the Code of Ethics. There have
been uncertified interpreters unaware of Code of Ethics.

send your questions to

the most interesting questions may be answered in future DeafDigest editions. Thank you.


Rene Pellerin’s corner:

Writing paper

Many of us carry pen and pad to write notes; this is one of our simplest communication tools.

For us with Usher Syndrome, it gets difficult to read regular print with a pen and white paper.

Glare interferes our reading efficiency big time!

One simple solution to our needs?

Carry light blue colored paper (The shade reduces glare)

Use a black felt pen and write large.

Now write me a note or two!

Rene’s show business is now entering its 3rd year and it
focuses on the Deaf-Blind.

You can email him at


Deaf Wish List of the Week:

that deaf people, those uncomfortable with the hearing
people, stop screaming “audism” at the slightest incident
or irritation!



Year 1995 – Theodore Burtzos, a deaf assistant Cook County state’s attorney, was appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court
to become a judge in Cook County. He relies on CART to keep
up with court proceedings.


DeafNumbers of the Week:


Cochlear Implant Specialty Certification specialists
so far in USA awarded by The American Board of Audiology

what this means is this – if an audiologist tells you he
is a CI specialist, but lacks such a certificate, then you
may have the right to question his credentials and knowledge
with the CI!


Deaf Collegiate Athletes:

– Old Westbury – Jacob Coners, SO, baseball;
hit .338 (27 of 80) in 33 games as a part time starter

– Redlands – Janelle Carrasco, JR, softball; played in
15 of her team’s 48 games; hitting .375 (15 of 40)

– Sauk Valley Community College – Cali Bartholomew, so, softball;
hit .357 (46 of 129), basically as singles hitter


Elite Deaf Athletes:

– Archie Savannah – Austin Vipers, semi pro football; is on
the team roster as a defensive tackle

– Nick Schreiber, elite-level category, cycling, Arizona;
has not been active

– Felicia Schroeder, women’s pro soccer, Germany; played
professionally last summer and served as assistant coach
with the Texas A&M International University team


Deaf Sports Library

a deaf golf champion in Florida


DeafDigest Sports:

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–   Administrative Assistant –  Riverside (CODIE)

–   Administrative Assistant –  Cypress (OCDEAF)

–   Job Developer/Interpreter – Anaheim

–   Job Developer/Interpreter – Pacoima

–   Staff Interpreter – Los Angeles

–   Staff Interpreter – Riverside

To learn more about the above positions at GLAD, please go
to our website:

If interested for any of these positions then please submit resume
and application to:

Jeff Fetterman
Human Resources Manager
Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.
2222 Laverna Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90041

V/TDD:  (323) 550-4207
Fax #:  (323) 550-4204



position vacancy
Deaf Education Certified teacher
Brazos Valley Regional Day School
Bryan, Texas

Brazos Valley Regional Day School is located in Bryan, Texas.

Our program has a vacancy for a Deaf Education Certified teacher
with elementary certification or generalist 4-8 certification for the 2013-14 school year.

Strong signing skills are required and ASL is preferred. The position is full time with benefits.

Apply online at

Pay scale is located on the website.

Contact Connie Ferguson for additional information at

or call 979-209-2745.

Bryan ISD is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


position announcement
American Sign Language (ASL) Instructor
Rochester School for the Deaf
Rochester, NY

This is a contractual, part-time position with the Signs for All program.

TO BE FILLED BY:    September 1, 2013

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES:    Teach a variety of ASL courses to students. Participate in weekly meetings with the program coordinator.

DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS:     New York State Certification as a teacher in American Sign Language.

ASLTA (American Sign Language Teacher Association) Certification.
Previous experience working with students in a formal classroom or training program.

Advanced Rating on the SCPI.

Harold Mowl, Jr., Superintendent/CEO
Rochester School for the Deaf
1545 St. Paul Street
Rochester, NY  14621

CLOSING DATE:    Open until filled

Applications received will be screened and the most highly qualified will be asked to interview.

RSD is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in employment on the basis of non-qualifying disability, race, religion, color, gender, marital status, age, national origin, and veteran status.


career opportunities
PAHrtners Deaf Services
Glenside, PA

PAHrtners Deaf Services is a dynamic team of behavioral health
professionals serving Deaf and Hard of Hearing children and adults.
Located outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, PAHrtners provides
residential and out-patient services to Deaf and Hard of Hearing (HoH)
children, adolescents and adults.  Over 85% of our staff members are Deaf
or Hard of Hearing!

As a result of our commitment to the Deaf/HoH community PAHrtners is
rapidly growing and expanding. Whether you are a high school graduate,
recent college graduate or professional with many years of experience in
the field of human services, we have a career-building position waiting
for you! E.O.E.

PAHrtners is looking for dedicated, motivated, energetic individuals who
are fluent in American Sign Language and knowledgeable in Deaf culture to
fill the following positions:

Job Title:
Office Manager
Location:       Glenside, PA
Employee Type:  Full time position

Description:    This position supervises support staff, directs various
aspects of human resources, maintains personnel files, oversees payroll,
coordinates credentialing for licensed professionals, helps create
procedures relating to company policies, collaborates with the benefits
department, supervises audits and accreditations for all programs,
monitors billing activities, maintains petty cash, oversees invoicing and
ensures compliance with employment/labor laws and HIPAA guidelines.

Qualifications:         Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration,
Human Resources Management or related field, plus three years
office/managerial experience; or AA Degree with at least five years of
supervisory/office experience. Fluency in American Sign Language required.
Must possess strong writing/proofreading skills and excellent
organizational/time management skills.

Job Title:      Residential Program Director
Location:       Glenside, PA
Employee Type:  Full Time

Description:    Position supervises all residential sites and program
personnel.  This senior position provides program coverage, assists in
completing staff schedules, secures shift coverage and monitors/limits
overtime.  Other duties include: developing/monitoring the annual budget
while approving expenditures; ensuring individual health needs are met by
reviewing and assisting with the coordination of medical, dental and
psychotherapy services and corresponding transportation; confirming homes
and vehicles are maintained and operated in a clean, safe and secure
manner.  This position also monitors and participates in the completion of
required documents, including but not limited to: daily logs, medication
logs, medical appointment forms, monthly and quarterly reports, incident
reports, fire drill reports, behavioral data reports, goal plan forms,
petty cash auditing forms, etc.  This position is responsible for
recruiting, interviewing, hiring, orienting, training, evaluating and
disciplining residential support staff while also ensuring staff perform
all assigned duties.

Qualifications: A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in the human services
field along with two years. experience as a program director, or three
years of experience in a managerial level position in the human services
field working with individuals with intellectual disabilities and/or
behavioral health disorders.  Advanced fluency in ASL required.

Job Title:      Residential Counselors
Location:       Glenside, PA
Employee Type:  Various positions available

Description:    This position provides direct client services, including:
encouraging client independence, assisting in daily living skills training
and aiding in community integration. Duties: provide supported living and
training to Deaf consumers with behavioral health and/or intellectual
disabilities living in the community; promote consumers. independence and
social relationships.  Positions open for weekend and evening shifts.

Qualifications:         HS diploma + one year related experience; valid
driver’s license; advanced fluency in ASL; demonstrated competency in
independent living skills; ability to teach, advise and motivate Deaf
consumers; strong interpersonal skills.

Send your letter of intent and resumes to:
Linda Claypool, Office Manager/HR
PAHrtners Deaf Services,
614 N. Easton Road,
Glenside, PA 19038

Email:  Fax: 215-884-6301 Web:


position opening
Supervising Interpreter/Tutor
Montana School for the Deaf and the Blind
Great Falls, MT

DIVISION:    Education
STARTING SALARY:   $22,983 (RID certified) – $28, 331 BA degree – Dependent on education and years of experience
STATUS:  Full Time Permanent
PAY GRADE:  Contract Exempt
BARGAINING UNIT: START DATE:  August 19, 2013 CLOSING DATE:  until filled

TYPICAL DUTIES: .    Plans yearly interpreter schedules and makes daily substitute adjustments as necessary. Use understanding of difference between Sign Language and Sign Systems to select appropriate placement of interpreters with students including the case of extracurricular activities.
.    Evaluates interpreters based on strengths and areas for improvement as determined by the interpreter’s Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment as well as evaluates current level of employment productivity.  Use these evaluations to help subordinates establish professional development goals and work toward achievement of these goals. .    Provide support to interpreters in way of classroom observation, discussion of the interpreter’s mental processing, and how mental processing relates to achievement of message equivalence while still supporting the empowerment of the teacher/student dynamic in the public school setting. .    Substitute interpret in the public school for interpreters who are absent for various reasons
.    Interpret for MSDB campus activities including but not limited to assemblies, disciplinary meetings for staff or students, IEP meetings, business meetings, and staff activities.
.    Coordinate and plan activities related to sign language development goals of staff & supervises the Sign Language Proficiency Interview (SLPI) committee.  Ensure that SLPI results are communicated in a positive way to staff members.  Copy interviews into disc format from video cameras. .    Work with other deaf staff members to ensure common signs are used for routine activities such as social skill goals, lockdown/evacuation procedures, or signs for curriculum that will be seen in testing environments.
.    Work with Outreach, Office of Public Instruction, and other constituents to explain and clarify the role of the interpreter in the classroom, share best practices in the field of interpreting, as well as provide support and ideas related to child success within an interpreted education.
.    Work in concert with Principal and Supervising Teacher to provide inclusion support which includes in-service training for LEA teachers and support staff providing service to deaf/hard of hearing students.
.    Other duties include: Mentors new interpreting staff as needed. Hold quarterly interpreter meetings. Coordinate and supervise placement of interns. Serve on committees . safety, supervisory, planning, etc. Write reports and articles to support MSDB.s public awareness. Oversee tutoring services.

EDUCATION AND    EXPERIENCE:  Completion of an Interpreter Training Program that leads to an RID/NAD Certificate, Associates or Bachelors Degree in Interpreting, B.A. in Education of the Deaf, Child Development, or Special Education. EIPA score 4.5 or above, or satisfactory score on other ITP assessments, SLPI Rating of Advanced Plus.  Three (3) years of successful employment in a school setting as an interpreter or other position where sign language was utilized to communicate with deaf or hard of hearing children on a daily basis.  Preference given to those with supervisory experience.

KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS: .    Knowledge of RID, EIPA and NAD testing and evaluation systems
.    RID Certification; EIPA score of 4.5 or better and SLPI of Advanced Plus
.    Knowledge of mentoring and ASL linguistics
.    Understanding the roles and responsibilities of an interpreter and members on an educational team
.    Development of language in deaf children as part of their educational experience
.    Factors that impact deaf or hard of hearing students. educational experiences
.    Social and emotional experiences of deaf and hard of hearing children in the public school setting
.    Public education and special education history, laws and the ER/IEP process
.    Use of technology for networking and peer support
.    Effective interpersonal communication using negotiation, problem-solving and conflict management as necessary
.    Ethical fitness
.    Effective writing and public speaking skills
.    Commitment to professional development
.    Cultural mediation between the deaf and hard of hearing and hearing staff, students and the public
.    Compliance with policies and procedures of the school .    Effective working relationships with the teachers, support staff and the students .    Knowledge of systems/organizations and how they operate
.    Organizational and time management skills

BENEFITS:     Full insurance package

APPLICATION AND SELECTION PROCESS:  Selection procedures to be used in evaluating applicant’s qualifications include an evaluation of the Montana State Application form, application supplement, interview, and reference checks.  Late, incomplete or unsigned applications may be rejected.

Application materials required are:
1.    Signed and completed State of Montana Employment Application (PD-25, revised12/05). Portions of the application may be photocopied if legible. 2.    Letters of reference from previous three employers (3 letters of reference).
3.    Transcripts or all coursework leading to degrees or licensure. 4.    Copies of Professional Licenses which are applicable to the requirements of the position.
5.    Applicants claiming the Handicapped Person’s Employment Preference must provide verification of eligibility with the application materials by the closing date.  The required documentation includes a completed Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) Certification of Disability form.
6.    Signed and dated Applicant Release of Information form.

ACCOMMODATIONS:  The State of Montana and the Montana School for the Deaf and the Blind makes reasonable accommodations for any known disability that may interfere with an applicant’s ability to compete in the recruitment and selection process.  For the school to consider any such accommodations, the applicant must notify the school in writing of any needed accommodation by the application deadline.

IMMIGRATION REFORM AND CONTROL ACT:  In accordance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act, the person selected must produce within three (3) days of hire, documentation that he/she is authorized to work in the United States.  Examples of such documentation include a birth certificate or social security card along with a driver’s license or other picture I.D., a United States passport or a green card.

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS:  MSDB is a non-smoking environment extending to the entire campus: there are no authorized smoking areas and smoke breaks are not given.  All successful candidates must possess a Montana Drivers License; submit to a background check, which includes a criminal record review, and must not possess any felony or DUI convictions. It is the policy of the Board that any finalist for hire shall submit to a finger-print based national criminal history background check conducted by the FBI prior to recommendation for hire.  Additionally, an .Applicant Release Form. must be completed and signed as part of the application.

The Montana School for the Deaf and the Blind is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).  MSDB will not discriminate in its educational programs, activities, or employment practices, based on race, color, national origin, gender, disability, age, religion, ancestry, union membership or any other legally protected classification. Announcement of this policy is in accordance with state and federal laws, including Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Sections 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Students, parents, employees and participants who have an inquiry or complaint of harassment or discrimination, or who need information about accommodations for persons with disabilities, should contact the School Compliance Officer and Title IX/EEO Coordinator, Montana School for the Deaf and Blind, 3911 Central Avenue, Great Falls, Montana 59405.  Phone (406) 771-6000.

Supplemental Questions   –   Supervising Interpreter/Tutor

1.    Describe the type of interpreting experiences you have had, which has been the most rewarding and why.

2.    Describe your approach to mentorship.

3.    Describe how you organize and complete/delegate tasks.

4.     Explain your process of conflict resolution.

5.    Describe your leadership approach.


position opening
Licensed Clinical Social Worker or Psychologist
Mental Health Services for Deaf / Hard-of-Hearing People
Saint John’s Child and Family Development Center
Los Angeles County (California)

Clinical therapist to work in community mental health with adults, children, adolescents, and families. Strong clinical skills, knowledge of Deaf Culture, fluent  American Sign Language, a minimum of two years post-graduate experience with documented clinical supervision, and motivation to serve a diverse client population are essential. Position is 20 hours per week with benefits.

Saint John’s emphasizes continuing education and staff development as well as sensitivity to diversity and community outreach. The program provides culturally appropriate outpatient services to LA County Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing residents.

Requirements: Master’s level degree in social work or a PhD. In psychology, licensed in California or license eligible; American Sign Language fluency, and ability to respond to crisis situations.

Send a letter of interest and resume to:

Susan Hajiani, LCSW
Program Coordinator
Mental Health Services for Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing
Saint John’s Child and Family Development Center
1339 20th St.
Santa Monica, CA 90404


position vacancy
Deaf/Hard of Hearing Teacher
The Decorah Community Schools
Decorah, Iowa

The Decorah Community Schools, a very high-achieving public school district located in scenic Northeast Iowa and home of Luther College, seeks:

Position:      Classroom Teacher
Subject Area:     Special Education
Certificate:     Spec Ed- Deaf/Hard of Hearing (K-12)
Deadline:     May 22, 2013

Job Description:
We are seeking a Teacher for the Resource Program in an K-12 setting. Must have or be eligible for Iowa teaching certification in Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing.   Prefer dual licensure that includes K-12 teaching license.   Proficient in American Sign Language.

Send Letter of Application, Resume, and Copy of license to:
Decorah Community Schools
Rick C. Varney, Elementary Principal
510 Winnebago
Decorah, Iowa 52101

563-382-3125 or 382-4451


position opening
Teacher of the Deaf
Scranton School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children
Scranton, PA

REPORTS TO:    Principal

JOB DESCRIPTION: This is an exempt, full-time 187-day position. Responsible for instructional programming in academics, language development and communication, in addition to guiding students toward healthy social, emotional and vocational adjustment.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: PA Instructional I or II certification in Deaf Education required. Information on PA teaching certification may be found on the website
Sign language skills of applicants will be rated using the SLPI; “Intermediate” level skills required at time of hire. FBI, PA Act 34 and 151 Child Abuse clearances required.

SALARY:     Dependent on education and experience

BENEFITS:    Excellent benefits package including membership in the State’s teacher retirement system, medical, dental, vision, long term disability and life insurance

STARTING DATE:    August 19, 2013

APPLICATION PROCEDURE:    Send letter of application and resume to: Helen K. Shirey
Director of Human Resources
Western PA School for the Deaf 300 East Swissvale Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15218

It is the policy of the Western PA School for the Deaf not to discriminate in its programs of education, employment, and all other activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, age, religion, disability, or gender preference.


open positions
British Columbia Provincial School for the Deaf

host schools, South Slope Elementary and Burnaby
South Secondary Schools.

A unique opportunity to lead a unique community of educators  Burnaby, BC

The British Columbia Provincial School for the Deaf (BCSD) is a
state-of-the-art, innovative program, highly regarded throughout North
America for its commitment and success in  integrating  students with the
student population in our host schools, South Slope Elementary and Burnaby
South Secondary Schools.

BCSD is now searching for a K-12 Principal, two teachers –
Special Education and Access at the secondary school, and two teachers –
Primary at the elementary school

For the position of Principal, please submit your resume and supporting
documents by Friday, May 24, 2013 to or email

For the Teacher positions, your cover letter should include which position
is being applied for (grade or subject area), when you are available, your
main assets, strengths and talents. Your resume should include your name,
address, phone number, e-mail address, education, degrees/diplomas,
certificates, work history, awards, publications, and professional
references. Your information should also include a copy of your BC Teachers’
certificate, a copy of your transcripts, a copy of your final practicum
report, and a statement of your philosophy. You can either email to: or mail your resume and supporting documents by
Friday, May 31st to:

Human Resources
School District 41 (Burnaby)
5325 Kincaid Street
Burnaby, B.C. V5G 1W2

For the application process for graduates of a Canadian teacher education
program outside of BC, see more details on

For eligibility requirements for International graduates, the information in
this section applies to you if you have completed a teacher education
program outside of Canada

Only those applicants considered for interview will be contacted.

If you would like more information about these positions, please contact Dr.
Joe McLaughlin at


The Independent Living Unit within the Rehabilitation Services
Administration is recruiting for a Vocational Rehabilitation Program
Specialist GS-101-13. This position will be based in Washington, DC and the
application period is open until May 30th, 2013.

The incumbent will serve as the program expert in matters pertaining to
programmatic and grant management for assigned (Independent Living) IL
grants.  The incumbent will assume a leadership role  in monitoring the
programmatic and grant management performance and compliance of grantees and
serves as the primary source of interpretation and guidance to grantees on
the application of new and/or existing Federal laws and regulations. The
incumbent is responsible for planning and conducting onsite and offsite
compliance monitoring and evaluating grantee program and grant management
practices.  The incumbent will be responsible for the review and approval of
Annual Performance Reports for both formula and discretionary grant programs
and review and approval for State Plans for Independent Living.

Timothy Beatty, Chief

Independent Living Unit
Rehabilitation Services Administration
Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS)

US Department of Education


Wage Position: WE004
Role: Program Administrative Specialist I Work Title: VDDHH CapTel Outreach Specialist

Location: Henrico   Open To: General Public   Closes: 06/10/13 @ 4:00 PM

Pay Band: 4         Minimum Hourly Rate:  $15.07*     Up to 29 hours per week

Comments: The Department for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (VDDHH) is currently recruiting for a wage CapTel Outreach Specialist in the Central Virginia area.

Responsibilities: Serves as the Department.s principal resource for installation, training, and trouble-shooting for the popular captioned telephone (CapTel) relay service.  Provides information and recommendations for the installation and use of audio induction loops and other personal listening devices for persons who are late-deafened or hard of hearing.  Schedules presentations, trainings and other events related to assistive technology.  Prepares monthly activity reports and performs regular database entries. Serves as back-up to other VDDHH Technology and Outreach program staff.

Qualifications: Considerable knowledge of assistive technology for persons who are deaf and hard of hearing.  Experience with telecommunication service needs of persons who are deaf or hard of hearing; sign language skills strongly desired.  Experience with responding to public inquiries; demonstrated skills with presentations and product training; skills with spreadsheets, Outlook, and database entry.  Position requires the ability to work independently, maintaining a flexible schedule (including occasional evening and weekend hours), and routine travel with occassional overnight stays.  *Salary is negotiable above the listed minimum hourly rate based on applicant.s qualifications.

Contact & Application Info: Visit our web sites at and  or email VDDHH at . To apply, complete, print, and sign an application found at and mail to VDDHH, Attention Clay Bowen, 1602 Rolling Hills Drive, Suite 203, Henrico, VA 23229.  Reasonable accommodations are available to persons with disabilities during the application and/or interview processes; please contact 804-662-9502 for more information.  Minorities and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Position Information
Position Title:    Assistant Professor Department of American Sign Language and Interpreter Education Posting date:    05-20-2013 Closing date: Requisition Number    0613313 Department:    Interpreter Training Program – 231000 Salary Range: Position Type:    Faculty H Code:    20 FLSA Status:    Exempt Location:    Richmond Position Summary:    The Department of American Sign Language and Interpreter Education at Eastern Kentucky University is accepting applications for a nine-month, full-time, tenure-track Assistant Professor position to begin 08-15-2013. Responsibilities include teaching undergraduate ASL, Deaf Studies and/or Interpreter Education classes. Classes may be at the Richmond campus and/or at an extended campus. Continuous satisfactory performance in teaching, service and scholarly activities required of all candidates. Other possible duties, such as involvement with workshops or developing materials, will depend upon the needs of the ASLIE Department. Shift: Contact Person:    Laurence Hayes Minimum Educational Qualifications:    Master’s degree from a regionally accredited or internationally recognized institution. Minimum Licensure/Certification Qualifications:    RID (CSC,CDI, CI, CT, NAD IV or V, NIC) or ASLTA certification and/or SLPI Superior or Superior Plus Rating. Minimum Experience Qualifications:    -Native or near-native fluency in American Sign Language -Effective teaching experience at college or university level Qualification Equivalencies:    No equivalencies. Desired Qualifications:    Familiarity with the Signing Naturally Curriculum preferred. Doctorate preferred. Special Instructions to Applicants:    Please arrange for three letters of recommendation to be addressed to Dr. Laurence Hayes and mailed to: 521 Lancaster Avenue, Wallace 216, Richmond, KY 40475.

If transcripts cannot be attached to this application, please mail them to the same above address. Additional Information:    This position will remain open until filled.

Eastern is committed to student success, quality enhancement and regional stewardship. Eastern Kentucky University is an EEO/AA institution that values diversity in its faculty, staff, and student body. In keeping with this commitment, the University welcomes applications from diverse candidates and candidates who support diversity.

For more information, please visit our Equal Opportunity Office. Wendy Zimmerman
Administrative Assistant
Eastern Kentucky University
Department of ASL & Interpreter Education
Wallace 216

Sign Language Interpreter
Opening for a full-time Sign Language Interpreter for a special education cooperative in Northwestern Minnesota. Day and evening hours.
Starting Date:  August 15, 2013 Send letter of application, resume and certification information to:
Tammy Nielsen
Director of Special Education
Northwest Regional Interdistrict Council (NWRIC)
P.O. Box 9
Newfolden, MN  56738
For more information:
Phone:  218-874-8215  Email:

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing IL Program at Center for Living & Working, Inc. (CLW) will be offering ASL Classes after a very long hiatus! We have received many inquiries and requests for local classes in Worcester, thus have decided to again host evening ASL classes at CLW this Fall. Our intent is to offer one class, but depending on demand we may add a second. If you are an ASL teacher and are interested in teaching a community ASL Class in Worcester, MA please send your resume along with three references to _opsearch@centerlw.org_ ( or mail to:
Center for Living & Working, Inc. Human Resources 484 Main Street, Suite 345 Worcester, MA 01608

Minneapolis Public Schools is hiring two interpreters for the 2013/2014 school year.  Check out the link below for the application.  Any questions contact Bart Clement. Thank you!

Bart R. Clement, Ph.D, CCC-A
District Program Facilitator; Deaf/ Hard of Hearing Program
Minneapolis Public Schools
3100 E. 28th St.
Minneapolis, Mn 55406
ph; 612.668.5021, F 612.668.5025

The Deaf Studies program at Holyoke Community College is seeking an American
Sign Language Adjunct Instructor for this fall to teach the following:

ASL101.03 American Sign Language I M W F 2:30-3:20
ASL101.04 American Sign Language I T Th 12:30-1:45
ASL101.05 American Sign Language I T Th 2:00-3:15
ASL102.01 American Sign Language II M F 11:00-12:15
ASL291.51 American Sign Language V M 6:15-9:15

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s degree in deaf related field; experience in
teaching ASL and/or Deaf Studies; and native or near-native fluency in ASL.

PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: Master’s degree in deaf related field; ASLTA
certification; experience using the Signing Naturally curriculum.

For more information, click on the link below:


Come lead and join a dynamic team of interpreters & captioners at De
Anza Community College in Cupertino, CA.
We are now seeking:
Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services (DHHS) Supervisor
Salary: $5,600.01 plus benefits Position: Full-time

Before you apply for this position, you must have ready and available
the following items in electronic form.
.A District application .Resume.Cover Letter.Diversity
Statement.Scanned RID Certification Verification
Please visit and click Support Staff for complete job
description and application instructions.

Come lead and join a dynamic team of interpreters & captioners at De
Anza Community College in Cupertino, CA.We are now seeking:Deaf & Hard
of Hearing Services (DHHS) SupervisorPosition: Full-timeDe Anza College
offers an excellent benefits package, which includes medical dental,
vision care coverage for employee and eligible dependents, long-term
disability, retirement benefits and basic life insurance.Salary:
$5,600.01 per month plus benefits
Please visit
IAsfKq91KflFPmpFeA9KLo3roZgvivtXYO8R-gSlL1_Y.&URL=http%3a%2f%2fwww.fhdaj\> and click Support Staff for complete job description and
application instructions.

Exciting Opportunity! Work with Deaf Colleagues and Clients!

North Suffolk Mental Health Association is looking for qualified individuals to work with our team at the Deaf Supported Apartment in Revere The work is challenging and rewarding and the job responsibilities include the following: teaching daily living skills (ex: cooking to budgeting to job search, depending on client needs), supporting independence, pointing out social and recreational opportunities in the Deaf community and beyond, and networking with other professionals to promote the clientsâ.. psychiatric rehabilitation and progress in reaching their goals. Full-time Over night Resident Counselor , Full-time 2nd shift Resident Counselor and relief positions open.

Requirements include ASL fluency and a valid driverâ..s license. Previous experience is helpful but full training will be provided.

Deaf Friendly Environment
Be a part of an excellent team and move your career forward!

Give us a call! Send us your resume! Make the move!
Attn: Deanna Emberley-Handricken
Program Coordinator Deaf Supported Housing
530 Border St
East Boston, MA 02128
VP: 781 549-7159
Fax: 781 629-3369
Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer


POSITION:                Sign Language Interpreter

LOCATION:               Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf

DATE POSITION TO BE FILLED:             Fall 2013

HOURS OF WORK:   Monday-Friday; schedule based on school year calendar

DUTIES:   To provide interpreter services for students and staff at the Minnesota State Academies.

QUALIFICATIONS:   Completion of an Interpreter Training Program and must hold national certification.  Accepted national certifications are:
·         NAD (National Association of the Deaf) Level IV or V, or
·         RID (Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf) certification
o   Certificate of Interpretation (CI), and/or
o   Certificate of Transliteration (CT), or
o   Educational Interpreter Performance Assessement (EIPA), or
o   National Interpreter Certification (NIC)

Also, Advanced sign language communication skills are required for this position.  A Sign Language Proficiency Interview (SLPI) assessment will be conducted upon hire.

SALARY:   $17.91-26.02/hour (app. 1680 hours-includes hours worked, holiday pay and vacation leave)

For information, contact:     Martina Hagen, Human Resources Director
Minnesota State Academies
615 Olof Hanson Drive
Faribault, Minnesota 55021
Phone: 507/384-6603

Apply on-line at

OPENING DATE:  May 9, 2013
CLOSING DATE:  May 28, 2013

DEAF, Inc. is looking for a highly motivated, enthusiastic, well-organized
and detail-oriented individual with accounting experience to work with the
finance department at our Allston office. Duties and responsibilities
include: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll Allocation, assist
with financial reports, GAAP, Year-End and Ad-Hoc, and other duties as
assigned. Part-time contracted 14 hours a week.

Requirements include Bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance with a
minimum of 3 years similar experience required. Public accounting or
nonprofit experience preferred. Must be proficient with Excel, financial
systems, General Ledger and data exporting. Excellent written and verbal
communication skills and the ability to work cooperatively with persons
across disciplines and levels required.

For more details on the position visit our website: DEAF, Inc. Accountant

To apply, send cover letter, resume and a list of references to:
DEAF, Inc.
Attn: Ann Thompson
HR/Administrative Coordinator

Project HOPE at DEAF, Inc. is looking for an individual who will provide
client-centered medical case management and advocacy services to Deaf,
DeafBlind, Hard of Hearing and Late-Deafened people living with HIV/AIDS,
cancer, heart disease, or diabetes in Massachusetts. The Health Specialist
will receive comprehensive training, develop a working knowledge of
available services and resources, collaborate with a wide network of service
providers, and work closely with clients of diverse backgrounds to support
progress towards their health goals. Includes full benefits!

Requirements include BA degree in a human-service or health-related field,
or two years of experience in direct services or case management; basic
knowledge of HIV/AIDS, various cancers, heart disease, and diabetes and
their impact on human health and quality of life; ability to advocate for
communication access; ASL fluency; strong written English skills, and have
own car and willing to travel. Personal or working experience with chronic
health conditions a plus.

For more details on the position visit our website: Project HOPE Health

To apply, send cover letter, resume and a list of references to:
DEAF, Inc.
Attn: Ann Thompson
HR/Administrative Coordinator


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