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DeafDigest Blue – July 26, 2009

DeafDigest Blue - July 26, 2009

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ASL Videos of the Week:


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News of the Week:

   To get an update on the Gallaudet presidential
search, do click on:  and view the vlog of
the search committee chairperson Jim Macfadden.
   He emphasized very strongly that no one, not
even himself, knows who the next president will
be! The announcement will be made sometime in
October, after another round of interviews
have been conducted.


   How powerful is the Power of the Attitude?
Ohio State University would not caption their
football scoreboard, thus eliciting a lawsuit
from a football fan.
   And the Cowboys Stadium is accessible,
and the team recently gave tour to the disabled,
showing them how friendly the stadium is.
   Two famous football programs. One with Bad
Attitude; other one with Great Attitude.
   And as a matter of irony, Ohio State has
a great Deaf Education program. Unfortunately
the Deaf Education program and the football
program are not connected to each other!


   Taipei falling into the "Hearing knows whats'
right for the deaf without asking the deaf" Syndrome?
   Deaflympics is coming up in September. And already
Taipei has a red face. They built a spanking new
8-lane swimming pool just for the Deaflympics.
   Only one thing was wrong. Deaflympics rules
require a 10-lane swimming pool! Yes, swimming
will still take place, but at a different swimming
venue at a distance from the original venue.
   Had Taipei officials checked with the Deaflympics
officials, they would know 10-lane, not 8-lane
is required.

   After years of battling the legislators, the
deaf of Jamaica won.
   They will be able to get drivers' licenses by
the end of this summer.
   Jamaica was an island of irony. The nation
allowed deaf tourists to drive but would not
permit deaf natives to drive!


   As the Americans with Disabilities Act anniversary
comes up today, there is a link:

   As a sidebar, David Pierce (Davideo Productions & The
Old Fogeys cartoonist) stood on the steps of the Texas
Capitol on that very day - announcing the formation of
America's Disability Channel, which was to go hand in
hand with the Silent Network.
   He said:

We've come a long way!

   Speaking of the videos, two of them have captioned
capability whereas the two others don't.


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   Many deaf people use sign language. Not every
deaf person uses ASL as their sign language.
Many immigrant deaf people use their home nation
sign language that we, the Americans, do not
  And also, there are many deaf people that teach
themselves sign language. We also often do not
understand these self-taught sign languages.
   Self-taught sign languages create problems for
interpreters and social workers that work with
the deaf!

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   What is a waste of time with deaf actors
in hearing movies?
   A deaf person would be hired to act in a
hearing film. The role may be small, maybe just
one short scene.
   And when the filming is finished, the film
editors would cut out the deaf character.
The deaf community would come to watch the
movie and be disappointed in not seeing the
deaf actor.
   A waste of time for everyone. It has
happened from time to time in the past.

- for ASL News version, please click on:

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   Budget crisis is hitting states across the
USA. In some states, governors have attempted to
close their residential schools for the deaf, whereas
in other states, closing the schools was never
an option.
   Let us compare some states:

- California, 53.7 bil in hole, two state schools for the deaf
are safe

- Illinois, 9.2 bil in hole, Illinois SD was threatened

- Idaho, 411 mil in hole, Idaho SD & B was threatened

   It is interesting that California, the state with the
biggest hole, has left their two schools alone, whereas
other states with less holes, have made noises about
closing their schools.
   Different states, different educational views.

   When things take place hundreds of years ago,
and lacking documentation, then tracking them down
may need powers of a Sherlock Holmes!
   This refers to a piece of painting deemed valuable
that was in possession by Maryland School for the 
Deaf. Who was the woman in the painting? 
   Chad Baker, the school deputy superintendent,
wants to know.
   To read the story in full, do click on:


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   Gallaudet University, or more appropriately
known as Kendall Green, sits on a 96-acre
land in northeast Washington, DC.
   It is a beautiful campus with trees and
flowers, and even a fish pond.
   The person responsible for keeping
Kendall Green just as beautiful as possible
is Trudy Haselhuhn. She is deaf, and has been
on the job for 22 years.

   Baseball is popular in USA, not so in India.
The sport of choice is cricket. There is a
deaf world cricket championship that takes place
every few years among these cricket playing
   Now - a fast and quick question. Has there
ever been a deaf cricket player that was one
of the best in the world (among hearing players)?
   Yes. The late Baba Sidhaye starred on top
hearing cricket teams in India in a long career
that spanned the late forties through the


(short series; based on comments by educators
and deaf service professionals)

most counselors that work with mainstreamed students
lack guidance on how to deal with them!

(series to continue until it runs out)


being asked too many times:

what is the sign for that dirty word?

if you have these "hate" or "horror" stories, please


Some people may have been hesitant to request Communication 
Access Realtime Translation (CART) services in an educational 
setting because they thought they had to hire and pay for 
the services themselves.  

However, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act 
(ADA), CART is a legitimate auxiliary aid for people who are 
deaf or hard-of-hearing.  

It has also been confirmed in the courts that it is a reasonable 
accommodation for those people.

Some CART providers may be employees of the university or school 
system, while others are independent contractors hired to cover 
specific courses for specific students.  

Many times the university contracts with a CART/captioning
agency to provide CART services for whatever classes may need to 
be covered, and that agency will then use their employees or 
independent contractors to cover the classes.


weekly DeafDigest Blue & Gold editions also posted at:

updated every Monday



instructional specialist

(in many school districts we would expect a principal,
or a director or a coordinator or a supervisor or someone
with an appropriate title that would direct their mainstreamed 
programs; some districts are different and this reflects in 
a startling title above. Be surprised or shocked every week 
until series run out)


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Tour of America's National Parks
Glacier National Park, Montana to Las Vegas
July 11 - 30, 2010

For more info contact:
Joy Carney at


Hot DeafNews boring, but important!

   The state of Massachusetts is coming up with a
"Strategic Plan to Make Massachusetts a Model Employer for
People with Disabilities."
   The goal is to make the state government workplace
disabled, the deaf, included, friendly.


The Deaf and the Law

Dublin, Ireland

a deaf woman filed a lawsuit to be allowed to serve
on the jury

pending; dragging its feet through the court system

Deja Vu!


DeafADA Issue of the Week:

There is a web site that deals with all aspects
of the law and the disabled, the deaf included:


The Captioning Blunder of the Week:

to make tu (sure) today is the day


What became of?

the Frelich siblings 

- Past

9 siblings of Philip and Esther Frelich,
Devil's Lake, North Dakota, all of them deaf

- Present

from oldest to youngest:

- Phyllis, nationally acclaimed actress
- Dennis, furniture-maker
- Merrill, retired auto plant worker
- Shirley, ASL & Deaf Studies instructor
- Peggy, Outreach Coordinator
- Timothy, MSSD administrator
- Priscilla, Gallaudet employee
- Pamela, teacher's aide
- Daryl, Gallaudet employee

all of them enrolled at Gallaudet; some graduated,
some didn't with "past" and
"present" details


News of the Week - Looking Back 10 Years Ago:

   Myron H. Weinberger, who is "very" deaf (115dB),
is a professor of Medicine and Director for the
Hypertension Research Center at the Indiana University
School of Medicine. He was recently elected as Vice
President of the American Society of Hypertension and
will be honored with The Page-Bradley Lifetime
Achievement Award of the American Heart Society in


News of the Week - Looking Back 5 Years Ago:

   Gulp! A casino practically in Gallaudet's backyard. A District
of Columbia gambling group  wants to build a casino at New York
Avenue in the Northeast.
   This idea will not immediately fly, if it flies at all - fierce
opposition is already being waged against the proposed casino.
   If the casino bears fruit then looking on the bright side is the
hope of employment opportunities - on the management level for
Gallaudet graduates.
   A deaf pit boss? Why not.

(editor's note: nothing came out of it)


Deaf Apocalypse of the Week:

The police fight crime. They are fearless yet they are afraid 
of one thing.

It is not the criminals that fight back. It is the deaf
person that may file lawsuits against them (no interpreters,
no accommodations, no rights while being handcuffed, etc).


A Vocational Rehabilitation counselor's great news:

A customer who got you suspended a few years ago admits she 
was wrong and wants you as a counselor again (a mixed



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position openings
- ASL/Deaf Studies Teacher
- Athletic Director
- Social Worker - Spanish/ASL
- Family Resource Specialist
New York School for the Deaf
White Plains, NY

For full details about these positions and all Fanwood has to offer, 
please visit our website:


announcing an opening
American School for the Deaf
West Hartford, CT

CLOSING DATE:        Until filled.

The American School for the Deaf is located on a 54 acre campus 
in West Hartford, Connecticut.  It is a residential and day 
program operating as a state-aided private school.  It was 
established in 1817 as the first permanent school for the deaf 
in America.  The program is a comprehensive center-based 
and community-based educational program serving deaf and 
hard-of-hearing students from preschool through high school, 
and adult service program, utilizing a total communication 

Under the direction of the Director of Education, supervises 
the work of teachers, teacher aides, and clerical staff for a 
specific educational department of the American School for the 
Deaf.  Exercises considerable leadership, ingenuity and 
flexibility to adapt a program to fit the needs, abilities, and 
conditions peculiar to deaf students.

Master's Degree in Education of the Deaf, State of CT Teacher 
Certification, State of CT Intermediate Supervision Certificate 
or ability to secure same.  Minimum SCPI level of Intermediate 

Send resume and letter of application to:   

Human Resources
American School for the Deaf
139 North Main Street
West Hartford, CT  06107-1269
For more information visit our website: 


position announcement
Itinerant Field Operations Support II
Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program
position is in Northern California area

starting salary: $51,937 with benefits

for position description & application procedures,
click on:


open positions
Spurwink Services
Portland, Maine

- Therapeutic Couple for 6-8 Hearing Impaired Children 12-18 
years of age - American Sign Language fluent
Location: Portland, Maine
Schedule: The work schedule is from Sunday to Friday

Full Time Person: $12.00 per hour - annual wage 
$25,080 a year

Part Time Person: $12.00 per hour - annual wage 
$10,944 a year

Position: Come join us in providing a natural home setting for 
our clients with hearing impairment in our agency-owned home 
in Portland, Maine. 

Relevant experience helpful; ability to be nurturing and provide 
firm limit setting necessary. Team approach, training, supervision 
and on-call support provided. The couple MUST live in our agency 
home. Unfortunately, this position CANNOT accommodate couples who 
would wish to bring their own children to live with them in
our home.

This position requires that one person be a full time employee of 
50 hours a week and fluent in American Sign Language and the other 
person be a part time employee of 24 hours and fluent in American 
Sign Language, which allows this person to work at another job 
during the day. The couple do not work Friday afternoon to Sunday 
afternoon and do not work during July and August. The couple can 
reside rent free and utility free at the house all year round, 
during the weekends and school breaks. 

Spurwink provides a vehicle for work related responsibilities, 
household expenses and food during the school year. 

Position to start August 2009.

- Awake Night Counselor for 6-8 Hearing Impaired Children 12-18 
years of age - American Sign Language fluent
Location: Portland, Maine

Schedule: The work schedule is 40 hours per week, from Sunday to 
Friday.  The Awake Night Counselor does not work weekends, and 
does not work during the months of July or August.
Wage: $12.00 per hour - annual wage $18,240 a year

- Position: Direct Care position to work with deaf/hard of hearing 
children within our residential home.

Must be fluent in American Sign Language.

Position to start August 2009.

- Per Diem Workers to provide back up coverage for Therapeutic 
House Couple and Awake Night Counselor.
Location: Portland, Maine

Schedule: As needed, Sunday through Thursday evenings. Per Diem 
staff do not work weekends and do not work during the months of 
July or August.

Wage: $12.00 an hour

- Position: Direct Care positions to work with deaf/hard of 
hearing children within our residential home providing .
fill in coverage for Therapeutic Couple and Awake Night 
Counselor. Must be fluent in American Sign Language.

For more information, please call either Dan Hibbs or 
Kim Wilson at (207) 871-1200. To apply, please visit


position opening (contingent on funding)
Tenure Track Faculty position
Gallaudet University
Washington, DC

seeking full time tenure track faculty member who will be
assigned to one of the following departments:

- Psychology
- Linguistics
- Education
- ASL/Deaf Studies

to read the position description and on application procedures,
please click on:


(ad has been updated, 7/19/09)

open positions
Austine School for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing
Brattleboro, Vermont

The Austine School for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing is a state 
approved pre-k through 12th grade comprehensive educational program 
promoting excellence and life-long learning.  

Due to expanding programs, we are looking for quality people with 
the abilities to serve our students with compassion and energy.  

- Educational Interpreter
Part-time (possible Full time)
Location: Brattleboro, VT


Interpret for the Deaf &  Hard of Hearing students at local high 
Work   w/ individual students to promote desirable academic and 
behavioral progress.
Promote Deaf Culture  & the social, emotional & physical growth of 

Fluency in ASL
Educational Interpreting Experience
Successful completion of an Interpreter Training Program
If not already RID certified, willingness to become certified 
within 3 years. 

- Director of Little Arrows Daycare-Brattleboro, VT
Full time (40 hrs) 12 months
BA in Early Childhood Ed, MA preferred
3 yrs teaching experience
Fluency in ASL
Develop and direct exciting new program to serve both Deaf and 
   hearing children 
- Teacher of the Deaf at Brattleboro, VT
Full-time (40 hrs/week) with benefits-10 month 
Proficiency in ASL & English
Master Degree in Deaf Education
VT License in Special Ed or Deaf Ed within 1 year of employment
Apply knowledge of child development, special needs, curriculum, 
assessment, classroom management and discipline techniques, 
   utilize technology in instruction 
position available in several subjects

- Teacher of the Deaf/Blind at Brattleboro, VT
Part-time (30hrs. /week) with benefits-10 month 

- Classroom Paraprofessional at Brattleboro, VT
Part-time or full-time

- Occupational Therapist/ Physical Therapist-Brattleboro, VT
Part-time position, 4 -5 hrs a week - 
Knowledge of ASL preferred

- Nursing Position-Brattleboro, VT
VT state Licensure required
Willingness to learn ASL
CPR cert. preferred
Per-Diem, some holiday/weekend resp.

Application procedures:

Interested persons are to apply in person at Austine School 
for the Deaf, off Maple Street (Building- Holton Hall, 2nd 
floor) in Brattleboro, VT or submit a resume or letter of 
interest to Kelly Therieau. Her email address is:


position opening
Interpreter/ Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
Indiana School for the Deaf
Indianapolis, IN

The Indiana School for the Deaf is seeking qualified candidates 
to interview for an Interpreter/ Administrative Assistant to the 
Superintendent position.  

The Indiana School for the Deaf (ISD) is a co-educational, 
residential school, founded in 1843, which serves a student 
population of 425+ students with more the 25% living in the 
residential halls.  ISD is nationally recognized for its on-going 
commitment to bilingual/bicultural education for Deaf students.

This is a non-exempt, full-time 12-month position. Provides 
interpreting, administrative and secretarial support for the 
Superintendent.  In addition to interpreting, typing, filing, 
scheduling, and making copies, the administrative assistant 
performs other duties such as coordinating meetings and 
conferences, making travel arrangements, ordering supplies 
and general office management. Strong computer skills required. 
Must have a high level of interpersonal skills. Excellent 
computer skills and good overall organizational skills required 

Applicants must have Possession of an Indiana Interpreter 
Certification (IIC) and four (4) years full-time interpreting 
experience. (Provisional certifications will not be accepted. 
Proof of the certificate must accompany the application.) 
Substitution: Valid possession of at least one of the following: 
Certificate of Interpretation (CI), Certificate of Transliteration 
(CT), Comprehensive Skills Certification (CSC) from the 
Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID); Level IV or Level V 
from the National Association of the Deaf (NAD); National 
Interpreter Certification from NAD-RID and four (4) years full-time 
interpreting experience. (Proof of the certificate must accompany 
the application.) Special Requirement: Interpreter must be able to 
interpret from American Sign Language (ASL) to spoken English and 
from spoken English to American Sign Language (ASL) effectively, 
accurately and impartially, both receptively and expressively, 
using any necessary specialized vocabulary. The interpreter 
must also have the ability to interpret context to facilitate 
effective communication between sign language users and non-sign 
language users. 

Individual must have a valid driver's license. Advanced level 
skills are required at time of hire. Expanded criminal history 
(ISP & FBI) clearance required.


The State of Indiana offers a comprehensive benefit package which 
includes medical, dental, vision, life insurance, retirement plans 
and accrued leave.

Application Procedure:

Applicants can submit a cover letter and resume to:

Indiana School for the Deaf
Attn: Human Resources
1200 E 42nd St
Indianapolis, IN 46205

If you have any questions please contact Carole Morgan in our Human 
Resources Department via telephone (317/920-6340 v/tty) or E-Mail: 

Mission Statement: The Indiana School for the Deaf Community promotes 
academic and social excellence for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students 
through a Bilingual/Bicultural environment.  



vacancy announcement in Hawaii
Teachers of the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing 
Current vacancies are on Oahu and Hawaii

Job Description:
Teachers of the deaf and hard-of-hearing provide specially designed 
instruction for students using ASL or total communication.  The 
settings can be in either a school for the deaf, a resource classroom 
on a public school campus, or as an itinerant teacher.  

Current vacancies are on Oahu and Hawaii.

Minimum Qualifications:
* Bachelor's Degree in Special Education with emphasis on teaching the 
deaf and hard-of-hearing (must include student teaching in a K-12 setting)

* Certified Teacher of the Hard-of-Hearing

* Authorized to work in the U.S.

* Proficient in ASL

* Familiar with Cochlear implants and other assistive devices for the deaf 
and hard-of-hearing

* Knowledgeable in IEP procedures

$43,157 - 57,243/year

Anyone hired must be committed to getting a valid Hawaii teacher 

For more information on licensing requirements and procedures, please 
visit the Hawaii Teacher Standards Board website at:

Incentives and Bonuses:
Pending the availability of funding, a relocation bonus is available for 
qualified teachers:

Application Procedures: 

Closing Date:
Until Filled

Additional information: 

Jeff Hoover, Personnel Specialist
Teacher Recruitment
Department of Education
680 Iwilei Road, Suite 490
Honolulu, HI 96817

1-800-305-5104 Toll Free
(808) 586-4050 Fax


Special notes:

(located at the bottom of the Gold section)

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