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DeafDigest Blue – June 28, 2009

DeafDigest Blue - June 28, 2009

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News of the Week:

   DeafDigest dedicates this edition to Ben Medlin,
Dayton, Ohio, who departed us last week.
   Ben's list of accomplishments in the Dayton
Deaf Community, is long, but to sum it up he 
was the pillar of the deaf community.
   And to add a humorous tale - he was drafted
into the Army during World War II despite his
deafness. He showed up to report to duty and
almost made it, until his deafness was
revealed - and he was sent home!


   We all know about the terrible Metro accident in
Washington, DC. 
   The accident took place on the Red Line. The
Gallaudet University metro stop is on the Red Line.
This means Gallaudet commuters that live in Montgomery
county are terribly inconvenienced. Also many deaf
residents of Montgomery county work in downtown
Washington, DC and they're equally inconvenienced.


   Last week, DeafDigest mentioned a special program
at Gallaudet to help deafened war veterans attend
classes on the campus while dealing with their
   It was learned that NTID/RIT also has a special
program, working in partnership with the 
Hearing Loss Association of America for this same 
   Veterans who became deaf because of the war, 
now have two options - Gallaudet or NTID/RIT.


   A Deaf Rat running loose in the western part of
   Yes and no. No, not the deaf rat because we have no
way of knowing if this rodent is deaf or hearing. Yes,
because there is an organization called the
Regional Action Team (RAT) under the auspices
of the The Northwestern of Pennsylvania Deaf Community.
   Objectives are four-fold as copied from a web posting:  

- Share info, supports, and ideas to improve the Deaf Community.
- Connecting the Deaf Community to resources.
- Social Time, meeting old and new friends.
- Practice Sign Language with the Deaf Community.


   When the deaf and the blind put together a TV program,
what is the best compliment?
   It is the comment by the studio director:   

Some clients don't even know that we are deaf

   This is in reference to the work of Asvo Bergen,
an agency serving the deaf and the disabled in 
Bergen, Norway. A group of deaf and blind employees
work together in editing the programs to be shown
on television.
   They use special devices that help them when
editing these programs.


   We all know about the death of Michael Jackson.
It was learned that while he was in training for his
planned trip to London to give a performance, he
had a trainer working with him.
   The trainer was Lou Ferrigno, who is deaf and was
a world champion body builder in his younger days.
   And also, Michael had on his payroll, a personal
interpreter, which would stand on the stage and
interpret for the deaf during his performances!
He was the only performer to hire his own interpreters,
whereas other divas, prima donnas and stars wouldn't!


   Throughout this Blue edition and in tomorrow's Gold
edition you will find a number of tales, stories and
anecdotes that refer to the Elmira, NY area and nearby
   DeafDigest editor and his wife traveled to Elmira
last weekend to spend time with family members. Armed with
a pocket notebook and pen, the editor jotted down items
that are of interest to DeafDigest subscribers. He also
brought his camera and took some pictures.
   Happy reading and viewing.


   The Gallaudet University athletic department
has an another opening. It is for Football Coordinator/
Assistant Head Track Coach. 
   This is in addition to the continued posting of 
Assistant Head Football Coach / Strength &  Conditioning 
   Both are full time positions. If you are interested in
either position, please scroll all the way down to the 
Employment Ads section in this edition.


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   During the World War I (1917-1918), past President
Theodore Roosevelt, thought the deaf can fight in the
   He wanted to form again a group called the Rough Riders.
This past group fought in the Spanish-American War
(1898). He asked for deaf volunteers to join the new
Rough Riders.
   Many deaf volunteers signed up for the new Rough
Riders group, and were ready to fight in World
War I.
   President Woodrow Wilson turned down Roosevelt's

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   About 10 years ago, before VRS became very popular,
a deaf woman called a TTY relay service to make an
appointment with a podiatrist (a foot doctor).
   The relay operator got confused and called the
office of a pediatrician (a baby doctor)!
   This misunderstanding created so much confusion
between the deaf woman, the relay operator and
the office of the pediatrician.

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(for your convenience, video links are posted on top
of each DeafDigest edition)

   Conference calls are a way of life with businessmen
and corporate executives. It also is a way of life with
these businessmen and executives that are on the road
a lot.
   They are able to use their cell phones to make
conference calls.
   What about the deaf businessman and deaf executives?
Pretty much out of luck while driving. They, however,
are able to make video conference calls when not on
the road.

   There was a story in the newspapers about Chase Adams,
not deaf, graduating from college at the same time he
was just graduating from high school.
   Impossible to achieve? Well, there was a student
that graduated from one college with a bachelors'
degree, at the same time he graduated from another
college with a masters!
   That person was Lowell Myers, a deaf attorney, who
gained fame in the Dummy Lang murder case years way
back. He passed away few years ago.
   It was understood that both colleges, in the Chicago
area, were furious at Myers' academic feat. 

   Phillip Schofield, not deaf, is a newscaster for
a British TV morning news program.
   He recently was fitted with a new earpiece that
would allow him to hear commands from his superiors
while he was leading the program.
   Somehow hearing aid dealers saw the new earpiece,
and before Schofield realized it, he was drowning
with heavy mail on hearing aid ads and hearing
aid deals!
   Not surprisingly, he's upset about these
heavy barrage of hearing aid mails.


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   Those living in Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, 
Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia know what
is Sheetz. It is a combination gas station/convenience
store/fast food eatery.
   And Sheetz is one up on many other chains. Deaf
travelers that wish to order a hamburger or something
could simply press on their choices on the touch screen
   Pretty much saves us, the deaf, from the hassles of
trying to communicate our orders with order takers.


- Galileo Galilei, famous Italian physicist, mathematician, 
astronomer, and philosopher (1564-1642).

He invented the world's first thermometer. Guillaume Amontons,
a deaf scientist, his thermometer was much better than
Galilei's thermometer!


after an interpreting assignment, a hearing person
would come to the interpreter and make this comment:

I guess these deaf people are not allowed to drive

if you have these "hate" or "horror" stories, please


As we are now are a couple weeks into the digital conversion 
of television, most people seem to be adjusting.  If you are 
new at using the closed captioning feature on a 
digital-to-analog converter box, you can do things with it
that you could never do with an analog TV and analog captions.  

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converter box that is offered by the FCC.

In addition to passing through closed caption signals, many 
converter boxes also include the ability to take over the 
captioning role that the tuner plays in your analog TV set. 

To determine whether your converter box is equipped to 
generate captions in this way, you should refer to the user 
manual that came with the converter box.

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way, then follow the instructions that came with the converter 
box to turn closed captions on/off via your converter box or 
converter box remote control. When you access the closed captions 
in this way, you also will be able to change the way your digital 
captions look.

The converter box will come with instructions on how to change 
the caption size, font (style), caption color, background color, 
and opacity. This ability to adjust your captions is something 
you could not do with an analog television and analog captions.  


weekly DeafDigest Blue & Gold editions also posted at:

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exceptional student education director

(in many school districts we would expect a principal,
or a director or a coordinator or a supervisor or someone
with an appropriate title that would direct their mainstreamed 
programs; some districts are different and this reflects in 
a startling title above. Be surprised or shocked every week 
until series run out)


For postings, announcements and employment ad rates, please email

for Special Notes, please go to the bottom of the Gold section


Hot DeafNews boring, but important!
   The Society for the Visually and Auditory Impaired
in Jeddah, a city in Saudi Arabia, is launching a campaign
to win public acceptance of sign language.
   As part of the 2-week campaign, the sign language team
will be conducting workshops in selected locations in


The Deaf and the Law

There is a sign posted in Millport, NY. This
tiny town is not too far from Elmira, NY.

To see what the sign says, click on:

This sign is the only one DeafDigest editor
has seen during his weekend trip to Elmira, NY.


DeafADA Issue of the Week:

DeafDigest editor stopped at a Red Robin restaurant
on his way home from Elmira, NY. Every employee
in that restaurant, from the general manager to the
bartender, to the seating hostess, to the waitstaff
were outfitted with special pager-phones.

What happens if a deaf person applies for a job
at a Red Robin outlet? Would the deaf person be
outfitted with a special text pager that allows
him to stay in touch with the restaurant staff?

Not sure if ADA regulations would come into play,
but there are knowledgeable ADA attorneys that
would deal with this issue.


The Captioning Blunder of the Week:

while watching a TV news program at a hotel
room in the Elmira, NY area:

give us this (tus) date


What became of?

a certain unknown deaf female

- Past
probably a past student at Kendall Demonstration Elementary
School for the Deaf, Washington, DC

- Present
was spotted by DeafDigest editor wearing a sweatshirt
that had the "Kendall Eagles" logo on front at a community
event at Glens Falls, NY

(or perhaps the sweatshirt was borrowed from a friend) with "past" and
"present" details


News of the Week - Looking Back 10 Years Ago:

   A minor league baseball stadium on the campus of
a residential school for the deaf is half way towards
   The Medford Timberjacks, a minor league team in
Oregon, has proposed to relocate to Vancouver, WA
to erect a new stadium on the old football field
of the Washington School for the Deaf (WSD). It will be
a multiplex sports field, costing 5 million dollars.
   The new team would be called Vancouver Americans
and the target date would be June 2000.
   All it needs is for remaining funds to come in.

(editor's note: this proposed deal fell apart)


News of the Week - Looking Back 5 Years Ago:

   A deaf man was ejected from the premises at the 
Conservative political party gathering in Belleville, 
Ontario. His crime? Carrying a sign protesting lack 
of interpreters at this event.
   Double standards? Yes. When Gary Malkowski, a deaf man, 
won election for a MP post in Ontario, he was given 
interpreters immediately.
   Yet when a deaf man, just wanting to follow the 
political proceedings, wanted interpreters, his reward 
was getting thrown out.


Deaf Apocalypse of the Week:

It never fails, that at least just once, during a
weekend of travel (Elmira, NY) that a hearing person
would make a deafness-related comment.

At one of the Glens Falls wineries, a female employee,
who poured wines for tasting purposes, said:

my second husband, who died during my marriage, 
was oral deaf, and did not sign at all


A Vocational Rehabilitation counselor's great news:

You receive notice from your supervisor that the state owes 
you a 12% raise, effective immediately, which allows you to 
quit your moonlighting job and give full attention to your 



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(updated 6/28/09)

Employment vacancies
School Audiologist
Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf,
Wilson, NC

closing date - 07/09/2009

to view these vacancies please visit our website at:

contact person:


(latest athletic department posting)

Football Coordinator/Assistant Head Track Coach
Gallaudet University
Washington, DC

Department: Athletics Department
Job Number: HR-09053
Date Posted: 6/19/2009
Salary Range: (11 months) $45,235 to $81,139
Status: Accepting applications

Assists the Head Football Coach in all phases of program 
administration; administers competitive track and field
program that emphasizes integrity and the educational 
welfare of its student-athletes, and strives for excellence
within the University?s mission; assists the equipment 
coordinator in coordinating the purchase, maintenance, 
and distribution of equipment for the Athletics Department; 
and assists the Athletics Department staff in coordinating 
the game management at athletics home events.

Bachelor's degree and two years related experience. 
(Significant playing and/or coaching experience in the field 
may be considered.) Significant coaching experience required. 
Thorough knowledge and understanding of NCAA guidelines
required. Demonstrated skills in developing and motivating 
students both athletically and academically. Strong
commitment to the values of a liberal arts education and an 
understanding of teacher/coach model in a NCAA Division III
athletics program. 

American Sign Language skills or a willingness to learn 
within a reasonable time.

To apply, click on:


(continued posting from last week)

Job posting
Assistant Head Football Coach / Strength & 
  Conditioning Coordinator
Gallaudet University
Washington, DC 

Department: Athletics Department
Job Number: HR-09051
Date Posted: 6/12/2009
Salary Range: $51,974 to $93,408 (11 months)
Status: Accepting applications
Assists the head football coach as the assistant football 
coach; administers all facets of strength and conditioning 
facilities; serves as department leader in the field of 
strength, conditioning, and fitness; schedules strength 
and conditioning workouts in cooperation with the head 
coach of each of Gallaudet University's 14 varsity sports; 
strives for excellence within the University's mission; 
assists the equipment coordinator in coordinating the 
purchase, maintenance, and distribution of equipment for 
the Athletics Department as related to strength, 
conditioning and fitness; improves on court/field 
performance, reducing the potential for injuries, and
performs rehabilitative activities as needed; updates 
athletic administration on equipment needs and/or upgrades
recommended to provide Gallaudet University athletes with 
the best possible training equipment.
Bachelor's degree required and four years related 
experience. Significant coaching experience required. 
Experience must include minimum two years experience 
with strength and conditioning training. Thorough 
knowledge and understanding of NCAA and ECFC guidelines 
required. Demonstrated skills in developing and motivating 
students both athletically and academically. Strong 
commitment to the values of a liberal arts education and an 
understanding of teacher/coach model in a NCAA Division 
III athletics program. National Strength and Conditioning 
Association or National Council on Strength and Fitness 
certification or the ability to attain certification within 
three years of date of hire. 

American Sign Language skills or a willingness to learn 
within a reasonable time.

To apply, click on:


position opening
Staff Interpreter
Western Oregon University
Monmouth, Oregon

Interpreter for deaf and hard of hearing in Disability 
Services at WOU in Monmouth. 

Full-time, Academic Year position (Sept to June). 

Salary competitive, plus excellent benefits. 

Must have Associate's Degree. Bachelor's degree preferred

Successful completion of two year interpreting program 
or RID Certification required. 

Review of applications begins July 7, 2009. 

Open until filled. 

For complete position information and application, call 
503-838-8490 or go to



position openings
Customer Recruiting Representative (3 different positions)
Purple Communication Services
work sites vary, depending on the position

for position description and application procedures,
please click on:


Employment Openings
Scranton School for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Children  
Scranton, PA

We are looking for people to join our staff at the Scranton 
School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children which is a 
program of the Western PA School for the Deaf.  

Applicants must be willing to work with the goal of providing 
our students with the best education, residential and support 
services possible.  

If you share our commitment to students please visit the WPSD 
website at for position descriptions for 
the following openings at the Scranton 

- Dean of Students
- Residential Supervisor 
- Nurse
- Business Manager

Excellent salary and benefit packages available.  

Sign Language skills, FBI, PA Act 34, and 151 Child Abuse 
clearances are required for all positions.  

Send letter and resume to:          
Director of Human Resources
Western PA School for the Deaf
300 East Swissvale Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15218-1469

Fax:   412-244-4211


vacancy announcement in Hawaii
Teachers of the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing 
Current vacancies are on Oahu and Hawaii

Job Description:
Teachers of the deaf and hard-of-hearing provide specially designed 
instruction for students using ASL or total communication.  The 
settings can be in either a school for the deaf, a resource classroom 
on a public school campus, or as an itinerant teacher.  

Current vacancies are on Oahu and Hawaii.

Minimum Qualifications:
* Bachelor's Degree in Special Education with emphasis on teaching the 
deaf and hard-of-hearing (must include student teaching in a K-12 setting)

* Certified Teacher of the Hard-of-Hearing

* Authorized to work in the U.S.

* Proficient in ASL

* Familiar with Cochlear implants and other assistive devices for the deaf 
and hard-of-hearing

* Knowledgeable in IEP procedures

$43,157 - 57,243/year

Anyone hired must be committed to getting a valid Hawaii teacher 

For more information on licensing requirements and procedures, please 
visit the Hawaii Teacher Standards Board website at:

Incentives and Bonuses:
Pending the availability of funding, a relocation bonus is available for 
qualified teachers:

Application Procedures: 

Closing Date:
Until Filled

Additional information: 

Jeff Hoover, Personnel Specialist
Teacher Recruitment
Department of Education
680 Iwilei Road, Suite 490
Honolulu, HI 96817

1-800-305-5104 Toll Free
(808) 586-4050 Fax


announcing openings
Occupational & Physical Therapists, full-time
American School for the Deaf
West Hartford, CT

The American School for the Deaf (ASD) is located on a 54 acre campus 
in West Hartford, Connecticut.  It is a residential and day program 
operating as a state-aided private school.  

Under the supervision of the building Principal, provide individual 
therapy treatments, and accurate record keeping on a daily basis.

Applicants must possess a Bachelor's Degree in Occupational or Physical 
Therapy.  Current Connecticut license in occupational or physical 
therapy and Connecticut, Department of Public Health license required.  
Must possess sign language skills with SCPI rating level of 
Intermediate preferred or must be committed to develop such skills.  
Pediatric occupational or physical therapy experience is preferred.

(a) Compensation based on union contract.

(b) Retirement, group health insurance, and other fringe benefits are 

Send resume and letter of application to:

Human Resources Office
American School for the Deaf
139 North Main Street
West Hartford, CT  06107-1269
FAX (860) 570-1832

The American School for the Deaf is an EOE:

All applicants will be screened and the most highly qualified 
applicants will be invited to interview.


Special notes:

(located at the bottom of the Gold section)

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